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I'm so excited for you Sue! Bless you!
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Sue , make sure to let us all know how your trip went and how the new babes doing . I cant wait to hear all about it
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Just got home with the kitties! They are so sweet! Their names are Nefertiti (female) and Osiris (male). Hmm, I think our kitten Osiris is gonna need a new name. Two Osirises will be confusing as heck! They were great for the trip home. They're exploring in here in the computer room now.

Will post more later!
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how exciting , cant wait for your next post .
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Yay! They are home! Can't WAIT to see pics.
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How wonderful of you to bring them home. Poor little things must be soooo confused - I hope they settle in quickly and get to know/like their new family.
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They've taken up residence under a large dresser and are huddled together. Osiris will come up to the edge to get scritches and was headbumping me, but is still to scared to come out. Nefertiti is hiding behind her brother. They have not eaten today. I was hoping food would lure them out, but it didn't seem to affect them.
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I just love their names and can't wait to see their pictures. Hope all goes really well for you with these two new babies
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Those poor babies have no clue what is going on . All they know is that they are not at their home any more and then they where at a awfull place befor you picked them up . And now a new place , so they don't know if that is a place to stay or will have to go to a other place . I am sure in time they will find courage to open up more to you .
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We've made some progress! Osiris has come out to explore and has decided he likes us. I got loads of headbumps and a tiny little purr! Nefertiti came out and sniffed us, let us pet her a little, and then settled in a quiet spot. They're finally eating, too.
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that is great news , now you don't have to worry any more .
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That's so exciting!! I'm glad they are settling in.
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Sounds wonderful Sue!!! I'm so glad these babies have someplace stable, even if it is only "fostering" for now.

What about Nefertiti and Tutankhamun? They were a young couple who couldn't be separated, and went through too much in their short lives together.
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I don't think I can change Aby Osiris' name, he responds to it.

Brown Tabby Osiris responds most to "Where's the baby?" So changing his name will be easier. Have you seen the video with the cats doing "Independent Woman"? We think he looks like the singer, and we might rename him "Question", from the song. Here's a link:
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Heh. Question that's a cute name!

Glad the new babies are coming out of their shells

Have fun with them!
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I have been following this thread from afar. I love aby's, their coats are so awesome. Poor babies are so scared! I wonder who will be the lucky person to adopt these two.
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LOL I have a sneaking suspicion I know who will be adopting them. Hint: they won't have to travel any further.

Osiris and I just had a major love fest! Loads of scritches, headbumps, tummy rubs, purring, he was drooling on me! His sister sat under the table watching intently. I am hoping she will see that he is having a grand old time, and decide she wants some of this love and attantion stuff too.

He looks like he has a cataract in his left eye, it is cloudy. Anyone ever have experience with kitty cataracts?
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Sue? Any pictures yet?
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No pictures yet, maybe tomorrow. Going to bed soon, have had a looong day!
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Sue , I like your hint: They wont have to travel any further

Cataracts hmmmm , I see one time on emergency vets that they give meds for the eyes as trops and also I believe Laser (I think) if really bad . I guess you really would have to let your vet look at the eye . I hope it is nothing serious .
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Congratulations! Can't wait to see some pictures!
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