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2 New Furkids tomorrow!

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I am going early in the AM to New Rochelle NY to pick up a brother/sister pair of Abys that were dumped at a kill shelter. Technically, I am "fostering" them, but I'm sure we'll fall in love and it will be furrever.

They're 10 years old, fixed, both are front declawed. I was told they are terrified and clinging to each other in the cage. The shelter manager there has soft music playing for them and soft blankets for them to lay on, they're together in a cage, so they have each other. Poor babies!

Don't know their names. They're both Ruddies. Will have pictures tomorrow!!!

(This is through the Nat'l Abyssinian Rescue, BTW)
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Good luck with your new furbabies, I am so sorry to hear they were declawed, poor little things..it is so kind of you to take them in. Can't wait to see pics.
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Since I don't know their names, I'm thinking of possible ones for them. We've got an Egyptian theme going on here so maybe Isis and Orion?
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That's so exciting, Sue! I like the names a lot!!
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Thanks! I am so excited! I told the cats that they're getting 2 new kitty siblings tomorrow. Tillie says between her (10 yrs old), Midnight (11) and Coal (12), plus these two 10 yr olds, she wants to start a senior citizen's club.
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How could somebody dump 2 cats they've had for 10 years at a kill shelter?!?!?

Maybe they weren't at the same home for the whole 10 years?
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Nope, the woman who had them claims she has them since they were kittens. She convieniently "forgot" who the breeder was.

I know, I could NEVER do that, my cats are my kids!
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you are such an angel for taking in older cats! Good luck with number 17 and 18
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How in the world can she forget the breeder ??? I wonder why she now made the joyce to dumb them ? What a awfull person she is .

I am so happy Sue that you get them , what better home can they ask for . Yeah , you will keep them . I know I would .
I cant wait to see the pics of them too and to see what names you have given them
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Sue you are an angel. I love abys cant wait to see the pics!
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I was told that one of the male's ears is flopped due to an old injury. Poor baby! He's also cross eyed and pigeon toed. He's gonna need a good name to make him feel better about himself!
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What is piggeon toed ?
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Oh Sue bless your heart once again!

(soon to me "Mom of 18 cats" ????? )
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Originally posted by PurrfectCatlove
What is piggeon toed ?
It means his toes are pointed inwards slightly, so he might trip over his own feet! I had that problem myself as a kid and had to wear corrective shoes for a few years.
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Originally posted by Momofmany
Oh Sue bless your heart once again!

(soon to me "Mom of 18 cats" ????? )
Well, you lucked out with the generic (and blessedly vague) "Mom of Many".
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Congrats Sue! How wonderful of you to "foster" these poor babies.
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Thank you Sue , for the answer . Bless his heart . Does that mean he may need a surcery to corect that ??? Or would he be ok to walk normaly ?
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He should walk normally, just not gracefully. My guess is the vet botched his declaw?
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Wow Sue, this is great! I bet it is hard to find a home for 2 10 year olds. Bless you for taking them!

Do all your cats live inside? I would like to come and visit you and see all your cats, and how it is to have a cat in every courner! I bet it is so great! My goal is 5 cats, I think I would be so great to have "many", but your "many" is a lot more than that
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It's weird when there are no cats in sight. It does happen once in a while. Some nights, we're getting ready for sleep and realize, there are no cats on the bed! We can't sleep that way, LOL, so we call them.

When I visit someone who has no cats, it is odd. I am so used to having them around!

Yes, mine are all indoor. We walk them in our backyard on a harness and leash, two at a time (each of us takes one), and not all of them like the outdoors that way. Romeo, Lil, Phoenix, Jules and Blondie are the ones who like outside, the others are either scared or couldn't care less. We do want to build an outdoor enclosure for them, maybe next year.
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Wow, so the ones that go out, don´t go out and run free, that must be a lot of work to take allmost 16 cats out for a walk everyday! (I assume that you dont take all of them out, since they don´t all like the great outdoor)

Doesn´t any of them sneak out a window or the door when somebody comes in or goes out?
How many litterboxes do you have? And food bowls?

Unfortunately (for me ) the Icelandic cat shelte (yes, there is only one!) has newly opened a website, so now I check the cats there every day, and I am sure I will end up adopting one...
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We have to scoot them away from the door when we're going out (Mostly Romeo, who I am starting to think we should call ROAM-eo) so that there are no escapes. Lilith got out once, right after her kittens were weaned, and she was in heat!! We caught her within a minute, thank goodness. Midnight got out once, years ago, through a screen that he leaned against and pushed out of the frame (we have since changed the kind of screens in the windows!), he climbed the tree outside my bedroom window and howled for me to come and get him! ("Help, Mom, I was dumb...come get me!") Other than that, we've been lucky.

Then again, the fact that they spend so much time sleeping helps
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We have 15 litterboxes (note to self: I need to get one or two more tomorrow...), one is in the attic, one in the computer room, the rest in the basement.

There are 10 food dishes in the kitchen, and three in the computer room (we feed Midnight and Tillie hi-cal food, and Osiris gets his kitten food, so we can close the door with the 2 of them in there at feeding time, so no one tries to steal their food.)
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It is so Great of you to take in 2 more homeless kitties. You have such a big, warm heart!! I know what you mean about no Kitties in the bed with you. I have a hard going to sleep when I visit someone else. I need some Kitties walking on me and laying on me and next to me to go to sleep.

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How lucky for them to have found you. I, too find it so hard to understand how after 10 years you can just throw your pet away. Best of luck with them and don't forget the pictures.
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Originally posted by Mom of 10 Cats
Well, you lucked out with the generic (and blessedly vague) "Mom of Many".
The irony of my nick is that when I first got here and was reading posts before I registered, your nick stood out at me the most. Never knowing how many cats I have around here from month to month, I modeled my nick off of yours with the added vaguery, "of many".

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That's wonderful news!!I am assuming these are the 2 you were talking about before??
Are you going to pick them up yourself or were you able to get help with transport??
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These are actually 2 different ones from the ones I'd previously posted on. The other two are at a vet's office, so they're fairly safe; these 2 are in a kill shelter! They're also a wee bit closer to me, by 30-40 minutes. I'm driving up early in the AM, I need to pick them up between 9 and 11, and it's a little under 2 hrs away.
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How wonderful! I am oh-so envious Cant wait to see pictures and hear what youve named them. They are lucky you found them
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Sue... I wish You luck with your foster babes. You and Tybalt are both for fostering them.
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