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Help PLEASE !!!!!

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Hi ,

I don't know if ya'll remember me . My cats name is Roger and I had Maryanne . Roger ( age 15 ) was diagnosed with Diabetes about 2 weeks ago and is totally rejecting the Humulin. 6 units b.i.d . He was in intensive care in the hospital for 5 days and had to come home because he would not eat the food they gave him .Well , his Blood sugar is @ 505 today . And they have him on PZI , 2 units , once daily starting tonight .

I feel like I'm going totally mad about all this . I can't eat or sleep and all I do is cry . I just lost my Maryanne last year about this time so it's really a bitter pill to swallow. Does ANYONE have any insight about Diabetic cats ? I'm at a total loss....PLEASE HELP ?????

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I'm so sorry about your furbaby When I was young we had a cat with diabetes. I dont remember much.. just that she kept going into "comas" and eventually had to be put down.

Maybe this link will give you some insight.

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I am sorry I cannot help either, but here is a Diabetes Message Board

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I'm so sorry, I going to be learning about this as I have a cat they just diagnosed as possibly being early diabetic, so I can empathize

wishing for you that they will get things under control for your kitty. A wonderful site I can recommend is Gorbzilla.com
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