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Window Gazing Cats

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I admire all of the photos of cats sitting together looking out the window. Mine are great friends, but they generally keep to their own space - separate chairs in the same room, for example, when they are not playing or wrestling. But yesterday I caught them together on the radiator watching the birds in the vines growing across our windows.
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They don't even know you took a photo of them, they are so focused on the job in hand !

Great pic.
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Pretty cats! If I didn't think their tails were twitching for those birds, I'd say it was a very contemplative pic.
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Awwww theres Peedoodle's twin!

That is a great picture of them two!
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That's a great pic!
They look so involved with their
birdwatching lol Pretty furbabies.
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Aww that is so cute! They must have seen something out there

This is one of my favorite window pictures of Zoey ...

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That is a beautiful one of Zoey
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That's a cool pic of Zoey!!
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Wow! That's an awesome pic of Zoey! Sammie, you have such cute kitties!
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too cute
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That's a beautiful picture.:daisy:
I have to wait for a rainy day to take pictures of my cats sitting by the window. They're outdoor cats... Umm, maybe I should try to snap one with them looking in. That means I have to lock them out!
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WOW those are great pics with pretty cats
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woodsygirl It sure looks like you have a beautiful yard for your cats to look out upon, and the cleanest window. I love your photo.

Sicy, as usual, Zoey is a beautiful lady.
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I love the window pictures! The kitties all look so introspective!
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