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my baby is home in T minus 6 hours...

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...and counting. Everybody forgot about the time zone change when the itinerary for transport from SC was made!! Then Vinson's foster mom called me a few minutes ago and said, uh, there's a small problem.

But its not really that bad, I just have to adjust MY schedule by 1 hour. Its a damn good thing she called me though!! OMG would that have been a mess.

I'm leaving in a few hours and it hasnt hit me yet. On the way though, I'm thinking maybe hubby should drive
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Cool! I'm all excited for you!
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Yay!! Amber gets a playmate
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Congrats! I'm happy for you.
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That is great news!!!
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How wonderful for you! Vinson must be in his new home now...I can't wait to hear how he's doing!!!
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YAY! he's here! he is such a sweetie. he is very quiet, not a peep on the way home. We just got back an hour ago, another driver took a wrong turn somehwere and delayed Vinson's arrival by two hours! He has already come out of his shell to a point. he played with some toys, went pee, and played with some kibbles out of his bowl. But he didnt eat. I let Amber into his room just to see what they would do, and they sniffed and she hissed, then he hissed! No fighting though, so I consider it a success. I left him alone for a while to let him de-stress more. I forgot the vanilla. I knew I would.

He is too gorgeous in real life. I love him!
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my congrats to you , have fun .
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Congrats on the new baby Raquel!!!! Can't wait to see pictures of him and get to know him with you.
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So happy Vinson has found his furrever home!
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and.........How is it going?? We want pictures Raquel!!!
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new pics in the fur pictures thread!
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I'm so happy you got that beautiful little kitty, finally.
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thanks guys! I am so happy too. its gonna be a lot of work, I can tell right now.

*oops, I meant the fur pictures forum*

I'm just excited, thats all!
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I just saw this post! This is so exciting! I have to run and check out the pictures! Congrat!
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