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Missing Toes and Tailer

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Hi guys, some of you know that my babies are living with my parents in WY because we can't have cats here where hubby and I live.

Right now I am REALLY missing my babies. I'm actually crying. I just bought myself a little orange plush kitty stuffed toy, but it just isn't the same. I miss by babies so much.

I told hubby a few weeks ago that we HAVE to move because I want them back with us, but he doesn't seem to be too concerned. I know it's not because it doesn't love, but more because he's comfortable here and he's not that fond of cats.

I just wanted to post this because I know you guys understand how I feel because you all love your kitties as much as I love mine.

Thanks for being there.
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Maybe you could volunteer for one day a week at the local animal shelter? Just make sure it is a no-kill shelter. That way you can pass that love on to another kitty that needs it more than the two of yours do who are not locked down in cages?
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Good idea. I've done that before, I don't know why I didn't think of that today.

I'm sure you all understand how it feels when your arms ache and your hands itch just to love and hold a kitty. Volunteering would help with that. And you're right about the no-kill because I can't even going in to pet stores to buy fish food (the only pet we can have) because they might have cats there who may have no future (yes, I tend to be cynic).

Thanks, Hissy.
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You just made me cry. I cant imagine how hard it must be for you to be without your babies. Hang in there.. you will be with them again one day soon.

I know if it were me, I'd move and hubby would just have to deal with it.

*** hugs ***
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I am so sorry that you are so sad right now. I agree with Sicy.

Here is a big kitty hug for you:

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Well, I can't top the kitty hug Kellye sent, but I will add my own. (((HUGS)))

Volunteering would be a great way to share your love with kitties who need it. Maybe your hubby will come to understand how important it is to you to have your babies back with you.
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I'm so sorry you are missing your babies. That must be so hard for you. I think volunteering is a great idea as well...giving love to all those other kitties who need it so badly will probably make you feel much better.
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There must be a need for volunteers, especially after the fires. Good luck! My gang send you virtual headbumps!
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You guys really are the greatest. You were the only ones I felt I could come to with my sadness and you've helped a lot. I just talked with my Mom and she thought the volunteering was a good idea too, she insisted on a no-kill shelter because she said otherwise I'd rescue them all even though we couldn't have cats. I've also been playing with the toy kitty I bought.

Thank you to everyone and I KNOW Toes sends you all head bumps back!
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hey TTMom,

i know how that feels.. i had to be away from my kitties for a month or two and it's the worst feeling i ever got! Hang in there, do some volunteer work to keep your mind of it and talk to your hubby about it. I'm sure if he tries hard enough he would understand...
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Ericka, that's really sad that your husband doesn't really like cats. I think that if he really loves you, he should be willing to move to a place where you can accomodate the cats. You've told us a few times how your kitties talk to you on the phone, so they must really miss you too. My sister only lives two blocks away with Jess. If she moved far away, I just wouldn't be able to stand it for long. I'd finally have to get my own cat.

I think it's cute that you got a plush kitty. If I was that oblivious to someone's feelings, that would be the last straw and would make my heart melt instantly. I think your husband may be a bit insensitive. It's obvious that you really need some cats around. I think working at the shelter will just make you want to be with Toes and Tailer even more, but it sounds like a good idea until you can have your kitties back. (You are going to get them back aren't you?)
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Oh, I'll be getting them back.

I know hubby is just comfortable where he is and he feels we cannot financially afford it. I'm trying to get him to see that if we don't make the move now we're not only going to find ourselves in an even bigger dump (our complex is getting bad!), but that we'll find it even harder to get a new place. He's not doing it to keep the cats away.

*sigh* Unfortunately, hubby only sees toys as toys, not as symbolic so I know the stuffie isn't going to help in that. But he was very good to me last night (made me dinner and made up my favorite drink and came in and cuddled with me while I tried to sleep). I know he realizes something's wrong. I'll just have to keep working on him.
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Well good luck with that. It sounds like you know that he'll eventually come around.
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