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Saturday Daily Thread

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It just wouldn't be Saturday morning if I wasn't sitting at the computer starting the daily thread this early!

Progress with Simba last night. I had to move him from one spot on the bed to another, and he didn't bite me!!! He ususally gets really mad when I do that and bites me really hard. He got me pretty hard on the arm just now, though, because he wanted to play. So now I'm typing with one hand and shaking the feather stick with the other.

I'd better go play with the cat. Hope everyone has a good Saturday!
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Awww, Simba sounds like a cutie.
Today I have to go to work. Lastnight, I went to the mall and spent a lot more money than I should have, lol. I bought "Finding Nemo" and I absolutely love it (shh... I'm only almost 18 )! I also got the Chicago Soundtrack and "Oh Yeah - Ultimate Aerosmith Hits" (it was $40 but well worth it...).

Heading to work in about an hour. Thankfully, no schoolwork this weekend as last week was midterms.

Socks has taken over my sweater pile now that it's cold out (my dresser isn't very big so I leave all of my sweaters on a shelf and she's taken to sleeping on it). I can't get mad at her though... lol. It's too cute.
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Hopefully today will be a lazy day. I do have to take Nemo to the vet this morning to get his heartguard shot(this should be fun.....NOT!) Since Nemo is 100lbs and doesn't like the vet's office too much he will more than likely put up a fight

I just got news that my Daughter and her 4 children will be moving into a house next week They have been living with my husband and me for about 2 months and as much as we like kids, the kids are driving us nuts
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Since Nemo is 100lbs and doesn't like the vet's office too much he will more than likely put up a fight
At 100 lbs, I hope Nemo is a dog, and not a cat!!

My dogs love the vet. And it doesn't matter which vet, they just love to go. Of course, they love to go anywhere. Sometimes when they're bored my husband will just take them for a ride around the block in the car - and they think it's the most exciting thing in the world!!
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Cathi, it will be nice having the house to yourself again!

Its a cold day today, which is a break from the warm weather we have had.

I am trying to help a friend whos had a break up and they are both taking it so hard. I think the guy needs help, he has had a traumatic childhood and I think its made him the way he is now.
I am such a big softy and want to help everyone, but I have to realise I cant.

Jake is at work today, we may go to the pet store to buy sticky paws because Kahu keeps scratching at our boxsprings, especially when we are asleep and its driving us nuts. I have moved the scratching post. I also think it is time to build that cat condo that I won the plans to. The cats could probably do with it!

Well, I think I should be getting dressed LOL! Im going to watch Shallow Hal in a few minutes.

Have a great day.
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Originally posted by Suzy
At 100 lbs, I hope Nemo is a dog, and not a cat!!

My dogs love the vet. And it doesn't matter which vet, they just love to go. Of course, they love to go anywhere. Sometimes when they're bored my husband will just take them for a ride around the block in the car - and they think it's the most exciting thing in the world!!

yeah he is my Alaskan Malamute mixed breed He is usually very good when I take him to the vet. but there is one vet that he does not like too much...hmmmm I hope that one isn't working today
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
Cathi, it will be nice having the house to yourself again! {snip}
It is going to be Heaven No more screaming, fighting, and pencil marks on my brand new walls that is the only thing that I didn't like about my babies living here. I must be getting old the noise level sets me on edge I do love the little terrors though.

I had better get off this thing and get Nemo to the vet's office. Have a great day everyone
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Good Morning all! This morning it is a little's 50 degrees. Ran back in after taking out the trash! I hate waking up early on the weekends because I am so use to getting up at 7 every morning during the week! Zack and I watched Legally Blonde 2 last night, I, of course, loved it!! And, well he....said it was the most gayest movie! Well, the whole thing about it is was that it was mindless and light hearted! Ah well! We also rented Willard and I don't remember the other one!! My aunt is doing a little better, thank God! I posted what happened in the thread I started yesterday.

Zack has to work today, so it looks like I can get a lot accomplished! We'll see what happens! HAHA..hope everyone has a splendid Saturday
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YAY! My new washer & dryer will be arriving in less than 2 hours! I've never been so excited to laundry...EVER! If you'd see all the laundry I've got, you'd be shocked! I don't have a single clean towel in the house! So, I'll be busy tomorrow doing laundry all day!

But for today....after I get my washer & dryer, I'm heading back home. I just called Mom to tell her I'll be home this afternoon & she bauled like a baby. She was so happy! That was just weird for me, but I miss everyone just as much only I don't show it. It's been 3 weeks since I came home & it's starting to wear thin on my Mom. I call her everyday, but it's just not the same.

Well, that's my weekend in a nut shell. Nothing exciting but it'll be nice. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
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Good morning all! It's raining here now, which is a welcome relief from the cold snap we were having. Kabota slept with me all night, and I kept getting woke up by growls as the kittens tried to claim me for their turf. But Kabota held firm and no cat fights occurred. It was nice to have him near us again. This morning when I went to feed, he followed me out and last I saw of him he was in the hay barn near the grain mousing.

My computer is semi-alive right now. Appears it was the motherboard after all. I am thankful for that because the information I have stored on my hard drive, I would be in a whirl if it got lost. Valuable lesson about backing up files. I only had some backed up not all of them.

We need to do an oil change on the tractor but the barn is full of hay so we will wait until better weather so we don't get soaked.

Well, I'm off to write a real-time letter to a pal in Alaska. She lives in Humpy Cove with no computer and so to communicate with her, I actually have to write a letter and not send an email! They have a beautiful place, and it is their choice to live simply without the amenities that we all have and take so for granted- although next year she is going to insist they get indoor plumbing as the outhouse trips in the middle of winter are a bit daunting. She is an ivory carver and a fascinating person. I just wish she would get the internet and make communication between us quicker!
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She is an ivory carver and a fascinating person.
I wrote an art history paper on ancient ivory carvings once. Very different and cool art form. I have an uncle who is a wood carver - I've thought about trying to take it up, but he did say you had better be ready to hack up your hands for awhile until you get good at it!!

E-mail is nice for keeping in more frequent contact, but getting actual snail mail letters is really fun. Maybe I think it is more fun now becaue very few people write letters anymore. My brother-in-law is serving in Iraq right now, and we get letters from him almost every week. I am not as good at writing back that frequently, but I'm trying to get better.
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Morning everyone! At least it's still morning here!

Shell, I totally understand about being so happy to do laundry! I remember a couple of years ago my washer/dryer broke down and I was waiting for my new ones. I was something like 10 days without and it drove me nuts!

Hissy- isn't it amazing how accustomed we become to email? I was so glad when my parents finally got email! I used to be a good writer but since email things have changed!

I slept in today! The kitties didn't even wake me up to be fed! Of course as soon as I get up the frist place I go is the bathroom and low and behold I had 4 kitties following me in there and sitting around me starring! Carmella is the only one who doesn't do that. She doesn't like being around any other cats. So then I went into the kitchen as I was tripping over cats rubbing against my legs until I got their food down for them!

Hallie is still a big pissed off at me though. If I start to reach down she runs away! Guess she doesn't care for that eye slave I have to put in her eyes twice a day at all!

So.... the gang is fed and happy and I've started MY laundry! I'm going to that Christmas gift and craft show for awhile and then a movie later tonight.

Have a good one everyone!
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Well I was sitting her writing to her long hand and my penmanship has really gone down the tubes! Thank God for Microsoft word! I can write to her and she will actually be able to read it.

I do scrimshaw and have met some amazing Masters of Scim in my life, as well as ivory carvers.
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What is scrimshaw?
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It is scratching a design on ivory and then filling the design up with ink to make it appear. It was first done during the whaling period where sailors who were bored would take whale teeth and bone and using a sewing needle and squid ink, they would draw on the item and then fill it up with ink, wipe off the excess ink and you had a design.
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Good afternoon! Took my fosters into their first adoption clinic and a family put in an application for Billie (hurray)! As much as I hate to part with anyone, there are always more that will need help.

Went shopping and bought hubby some clothes for his birthday which is next Wednesday.

Came home to the smell of pear-butter slow roasting in the oven. Steve spent the day picking pears, peeling them, simmering them, then putting them in a roasting pan to make the butter. This stuff is soooooooo good but a real pain in the rear to make. We'll have about 2 dozen jars from 68 cups of pears.
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I love pear butter! And peach butter!
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Wooooo...what a day! I went to Central Market at noon, and spent 2 hours there looking for all the ingredients I needed to make dinner for Zack. I made him homemade chicken noodle soup, filet mignon, frites, homemade buttermilk buscuits, and cheesecake brownies. I finally finished a little before 7!!! He really liked it. THe other movie that I couldn't remember was: The Italian Job! Now, that was a great movie! ok 22 more minutes until Sunday! Nighty Night! Don't let the bed bugs bite!!
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