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My cat will not stop chewing things!!!!!

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Like a dog she chews on things!! But only if it's like a wire, string or rubber band. She chewed the cord to a brand new mouse! (no joke, I paid 60 bucks for that thing) I've had to replace computer wires that she's chewed. Phone cords. Her new thing is rubber bands. She's not allowed in the home office because this is where she gets into the most things. I've tried everything. She has plenty of toys to keeo her busy, but insists on chewing.
If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them!!!
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Some cats are prone to chewing. Mostly if they have teeth coming in. The only sure fire way that I know of is to use an anti chewing spray found at most pet supply places. It tastes pretty bad and they get the idea. Good luck!!
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My cat chews EVERYTHING also. Especially wires. The spray is a good idea but look at the bottle. When I went to the stores looking at them, most of them stated that they are harmful to animals. Go figure right? Anyway, I finally found one that was not harmful but I don't think it works as good as the others either. It works when it is first sprayed but nce it dries, he does sometimes go back to chewing. I use a water gun when my cat attacks me (but that's another story) You may want to use that as a way of keeping him away from those wires. Try the spray ofcourse too. The water gun may seem to be a little mean but chewing on wires is very dangerous and worth getting him a little annoyed if necessary. So good luck. I hope the sprays work better for you than they did for me. I do still get away with using them sometimes and tey actually work. I have also tried wrapping my loose wires and cords so that he can not chew on them and go through them. You may also want to try soemthing that they sell in Home Depot. It is like a wheel that wraps your wire inside where he can't get his teeth. ood luck : )
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Thanks for the advice guys, considering the chewing is just the beginning of my problems. The only thing with the water-squirting, is that I'm not always here when she gets into stuff. Yesterday she slipped into the office here between my feet before I shut the door. (She's knows she's not allowed in here and knows she's gotta be sneaky to get in)
The she hides under things, knowing that I'm going to try to get her out of the room. I was busy at the computer and didn't have time to chase her. The only thing I had was a little fan on the floor to circulate the air. So I put that in front of the other computer, in front of the wires. That actually worked! I swear she's spiteful and tries to chew mainly on my father's stuff! The problem is, she's just so darn cute that I can't stay mad at her!! (Could be a problem when I have kids!)
Thaks again guys!
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