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Pink Eye ( Conjunctivitis)

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So... I got sent home today from work because my eye looked inflamed and puffy and looked like someone hit it... And I went to Prompt Care and the doc there told me I have Conjunctivitis (pink eye). And I have a prescription for eye ointment now. Has anyone else here had this before? This is my first time ever having it. And the other question I have is . Could Patches and Tiger catch it from me?. Thank You.
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Pink eye is very common. With medication, it should clear up in a couple of days. I don't believe the cats can catch it from you.
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Hmmm I don't know if your babies can get it from you. I have had that and it was awful for a few days. The ointment is the worst(too greasy and the goo) but it does the trick. I hope that you feel better real soon.
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Thanks Kathi and Deb.... *whew* Now my mind is at ease
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It might get worse before it gets better. I don't believe your cats can catch it from you. Just make sure you don't touch your eyes or around them and if you do wash your hands well.
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Thanks Tamme.... I will.
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No problem! Hallie has pink eye right now too and the vet told me it is very unlikely she will spread it to the other cats. She's really pissed off at me for putting that antibiotic salve in her eyes. Now when I go toward her she runs from me.
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hey sandra,

please take care.
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Originally posted by kateang
hey sandra,

please take care.

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I don't know about the cats, but you have a responsibility to let everyone you've been around know that they've been exposed to pink eye. It's EXTREMELY contagious. And a big pain in the patoot for contact lens wearers (we have to throw everything out).
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ALso make sure that you wash all pillow cases and things that have come in contact with your eyes or hands for that matter! I once had pink eye in both eyes for a month and couldn't figure out why....it was because I was still sleeping on the now infected pillow case and kept reinfecting my eye. So becareful! pink eye is HORRIABLE!!!! I feel for ya!
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I HATE PINK EYE!!! I never ever had this awful eye thing till my pregnancy with my son...I had it three freaking times grrrrrrr....and my hubby got it also, so he must have contracted it from one of those snot nose kids when he would go out and visit people or from other co-workers whose kids had it....pissed me off....so I'm hoping I don't get it again with this one....but the drops I had weren't gooey, they were like regular eye drops but medicinal and it cleared up after a week, but it did get worse before getting better WASH YOUR HANDS...do not touch your eyes except with a kleenex and fold it after wiping, don't re-wipe with the same spot....and don't use the same kleenex for the other eye....so when you sleep have a towel under your eyes so that it doesn't spread on your pillow cases, in the meantime wash your pillowcases, and be careful of the bedspread, not to put it on there...that is one stubborn thing that won't go away if it spreads around and gets on your eyes again....

you touched a sore point with me on this LOL!!! I hate pink eye!!
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Actually, I once heard you can catch it from cats if you're not careful, so maybe you can infect cats as well? I think it depends on what causes your conjunctivitis - can be caused by all kinds of germs and viruses. Ron has it now from the herpes virus. The doctor gave him antibiotics at first but I could tell it's herpes so we went to the eye specialist who gave us the right medicine. If it doesn't clear up soon - you may want to see a specialist.
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Our cats have had it before but I have never had it.

So sorry Sandra, it's really icky huh.

Hugs and feel better soon..
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I've had it a couple of times in my life. It's very contagious to other humans. My cats never caught it from me, so I don't think it's contagious to cats. I remember for the first few of days of it, I ended up wearing a patch on the eye that had it, because: A-) You can't wear make up while you have it & B) In my case my sick eye couldn't stand the light and kept watering. So it was just easier all the way around to put on the meds and then put a patch over it.
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