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hi :D

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Hi, I'm Seda & I'm also new to the site I really like following forums like this; I follow a forum about fish also It's really nice seeing people trying to help others by contributing their time.

I am actually from Turkey. Cats & dogs mostly live on streets in Turkey. And unfortunately people don't know much about them. I try to help people in a Turkish cat forum I sure don't have as much experience as most of you have here. Just what I learned from books, magazines & internet in 2 years. And I'm still learning :tounge2:

I have 2 female cats; Minnosh, a 3 years old calico from Turkey and Yumosh, a 5.5 months old Maine Coon looking American kitty.

I think that's it for now. Time for me to sleep

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Welcome Dodo!!! Hope you've had a good sleep!! :laughing:
Nice to hear you help the kitties in Turkey, keep us informed on the situation out there!! We always love new members here, and theres always plenty to get involved in! Loads of advice given and loads of laughs!! If you have any pictures of yourself or your babies please do post them!! we love to see them!

Hope to see you around the forums alot! - oh and check out the cat site shop, its full of loads of goodies and it helps keep this brill site open for all us cat crazy people!

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Welcome! It's nice to have you here! I look forward to reading more of your posts and learning about Turkey!!! I think its a wonderful thing that are trying to help inform and teach people there about cats and dogs!

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Welcome Dodo,
I was in the Army in Sinop for 14 months and the cats OWNED the streets. Being on the coast of the Black Sea they would beg for fish (and got it).
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Hi Dodo, and welcome!! I can't wait to hear about Turkey!! That is great you help others out on a Turkish Forum for cats!! I own fish, too, and a forum, too (fishes r us) What forum do you follow and what kind of fish do you have?
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Welcome! :pinky:
I hope you enjoy your stay here and I look forward to hearing more about yourself and your kitties.
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So, are you in Turkey now? I saw in your info that you're in Austin, Texas. That's where I grew up (well, after we moved from MN). My parents still live there. They moved out to Lakeway (a small town on Lake Travis) about 8 years ago. Austin sure has changed since I lived there. It's a great place though.

Glad you found our site!
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Hi and welcome. I find it so neat that people from all over the world can connect here. I would also love to hear more about your country. Glad to have you with us.
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Dodo; A Hearty, Hi Ho, Hello! WELCOME to the CAT SITE !!!!!! The only thing I know about Turkey is I love "Turkish Coffee" (also the way the people drink it with a cube of sugar between their teeth) We all want to learn more about you and your cats and your work to help inform cat lovers in Turkey. Anytime you want to share stories just click on to the "New Thread" area and post away. . . . .

And now, a few "Welcome Blobs" from TLK:

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Welcome Dodo! When did you move from Turkey to austin? Dawn and Dodo: my aunt& uncle live in Austin off of Spicewood Springs Rd. My brother lives off Dessau Rd. (Pflugerville, is it?) In fact, my mom is there visiting now!
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Hi Lauren - I know exactly where in Austin you're talking about. I grew up in Oak Forest, a subdivision very close by Spicewood Springs road. It's a beautiful city, especially compared to where I live now.
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Dodo!!! Glad you are here with us, please tell us more about yourself, and WELCOME!!!!!!
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dodo - WELCOME! I don't know anyone in Austin and don't have any relatives there!!!!!! hehehehe

The situation in Yurkey sounds very interesting - would also love to here more about the work that fur lovers are doing there.

I can't out-do TLK's blobs....but here is one anyways!
sugar cubes between the teeth???????? do tell more about this TLK!
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Everyone hi again

Minnosh has her own web site if anyone is curious about her:


We have adopted Yumosh just 3.5 months ago, so she doesn't have a web site yet, but will have it for sure. I will post one of her pics soon.

The fish forum I follow is called tropical fish centre (http://www.tropicalfishcentre.co.uk/) I have one of each fish: male guppy, black molly, red eye tetra, albino corry, cherry barb, blue platty, zebro danio & long fin danio in a 25 gallon tank. There were 2 more male guppies, a female betta & a silver molly before but they were all gone when we returned from our 3-week long trip to Turkey I think there is a killer in the tank & I am suspicious of either the male guppy or the long fin danio. Tigger, what is your forum's address ?

Most Turks don't drink Turkish coffee with a cube of sugar between their teeth. I know some people do, but I have never encountered any !
I think (I might be wrong) people who live on the eastern part of Turkey (close to Arabic countries) drink coffee & tea like that
I was living on the western coast (across from Greece).. You make the coffee either without sugar or with as much sugar as you want. And you never filter the coffee (it's in powdered form of course). Some people don't like the remeinings, but you shake the "fincan", the Turkish coffee mug, when you are about the finish the coffee so as to make the powdered parts suspended in the liquid part & try to drink as much of it. The remainings are used for fortune telling threeleggedkat, how do you know that anyway ??

Well the most serious problem in Turkey, I think, is people not wanting to spay/neuter the animals. I know, it's same everywhere, but people in Turkey think that it's a bad thing to interfere with their lives and to spay/neuter them without their wills !!! There are dogs and cats everywhere and when a rabies incident happens, (it always does once a year), the municipalities try killing cats/dogs with poisoned meat Sometimes owned cats and dogs eat some of those meat & are killed also Well, there is not that much respect for human life in Turkey, so how can you expect one for animals ??
In the Turkish forum, I wrote something about spaying/neutering. And I try to answer questions about health/behavior problems. (As I said before, people don't know much about cats & dogs; even most of the veterinerians !!) When I don't know the answer, I search it through internet or from my books, translate it to Turkish & answer the question...

And yes, the economy is reeeaaallly bad in Turkey nowadays

Toylady, I have never been to the northern part of TR. Actually, there are many natural beauties, historical places, beautiful beaches etc. in TR, but I have only been to few places

It has been only 6 months since we moved to Austin. I don't know many places here. We were living 2 hrs away from Chicago for 1.5 years before.

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Welcome Dodo!

I have merged your new thread into this one as it seemed to be a reply. I got a bit confused at first, as I hadn't read this thread, but then I figured out it must be related to some other thread. When you reply to previous posts, you should use the "post reply" button rather than the "new thread" one. I know it can be a bit confusing at first but I'm sure you'll get the hang of it very quickly.

I'm glad you joined us! Turkey is one of my favorite countries and a special ally of Israel in the hostile Middle East. My husband has visited Turkey several times and was very impressed with the beauty of the country and hospitality of the people.
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Welcome, Dodo! I've read some of your posts before I read this introduction. From Turkey! How interesting! I bet you can find great advice here and in turn help out at the Turkish cat forum you mentioned.

Anyway you are going to love it here!
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