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Bad reaction to anesthesia?

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I just picked my six year old kitten up from getting neutered @ about 3:30C. They said he had the procedure @ around 9:00 this morning. He is still very wobley, but alert too. His eyes are still dialated (HUGE!)and he's acting as if he can't see very well. And of course he's favoring his back side. Is this all normal?? If it is is there any special care I need to give him? When can I give him food and water? I was so excited that everything went OK that I didn't ask!
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First off is this a six year old cat or a six month old kitten? If it is a kitten, he will be wobbly for awhile, and his appetite won't exactly be there. Keep him confined in a room where he can't jump up and hurt himself. He will be sore, unable to really sit down on his haunches, and all that is pretty much normal. If he is not better in the morning, call the vet. Also if he becomes really lethargic at night or you see any other problem with him call the vet. It might make you feel better just to call the vet and talk to them about it as well right now.
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Sorry Hissy, I'm retarded. Six months..
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LOL! I wouldn't even come close to thinking that! I just wanted to be sure you hadn't adopted an older cat that I wasn't aware of. Call your vet and ask them- they get questions like this all the time, and are used to answering them.
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Hissy is correct, if it is taking longer than normal to recover from anesthesia, it's time to call and alert your vet promptly.

My guess is that your vet used a ketamine combination anesthetic, this will prolong coming out of anesthesia, but you can certainly call your vet and find out what anesthetic was used. This would explain the dilated eyes, wobbliness and slow recovery.

Water can be given in small amounts 6 hours post-surgery. If kitten vomits after drinking, cease it, and try again an hour later. Food can be given anywhere from 6-8 hours post-surgery,.....again, if he vomits, don't feed for another hour and try again (small amounts). As Hissy advised, don't hesitate in the least to call your vet or ER vet should your kitten develop other signs of poor recovery, fever or complete lethargy.
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Thank you for the info. He is all better now being his sweet ole' self again!! Those drugs really did make him crazy. If he saw something and tried to walk to it, he would end up going in circles!! I'm glad I finally got that taken care of though, now for his sister....
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Good I am glad he recovered. They do tend to be wobbly which is why you contain them in a room where very few shelves exist to discourage jumping, and why you keep them off stairs until they recover.
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