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"Pay It Forward"

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has anyone seen "Pay It Forward" or "The Family Man?" I watched both this weekend. They were both good. I really liked "PIF".
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I reaaaaaaaaaalllllly wanna see Pay It Forward. Craig and I rent movies a lot and I keep saying "Let's get Pay It Forward" but for some reason we never do. Next time I am definitely getting it! I think Haley Joel Osment is such a super actor and for a boy his age.. its so rare! That boy has talent! So does Helen Hunt! Can't wait to see it!

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Well, let me tell you. Before we watched it, I was iffy about it. I heard nothing but good things about it. Yet, reading the cover, I thought it looked boring. But people kept walking by me 3 wks. in a row, saying, "Oh that's a really good movie!" So I was very curious. I wasn't sure if Scott would like it, though...He loved it! It just has a really good message. Definately watch it!!
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I LOVED Pay It Forward!!!!!!! But I cried so hard!!!!!!!!!!! Definately a tear-jerker, but well worth seeing!!!!!!
I can't wait to see Family Man!!! I LOVE Nicholas Cage!!!!
Glad to hear it is good!!!
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OK guys, I just rented Pay It Forward because you all seemed to like it so much. My husband uses Netflix.com where we pay a monthly fee and can check out as many DVDs as we want. We have Family Man ordered, and now Pay It Forward. Unfortunately, Family Man has a long wait, but they're shipping Pay It Forward now. I pretty much only get to see movies on video because sitters are so expensive. But Doug has a nice surround sound system and DVD player, so they're pretty decent here at home (of course, the TV is tiny, but I can't complain!).
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PIF is sooooooooooooo good! I also kept putting off watching it cause it sounded boring. I was so wrong!
Talk about tear jerker!
My hubby 'tricked' me into watching the Green Mile the other nite - after it was over I was glad he did. He had been yammering about it for weeks. Well worth staying up late for!
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Oh, I absolutely loved the Green Mile. It made me cry. I love long movies.

(OK, make sure I'm thinking of the right movie. This was the one about the prison inmates on death row, right? If not, sorry!)
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I absolutely LOVE The Green Mile. That movie was sooooo awesome. Wonderful acting in it too.. Tom Hanks was excellent. I cried soooo super hard I highly reccommend this movie to everyone. It's one of the best.

Kinda hard to believe that it was originally a book by Steven King. Doesn't seem like his type of writing does it?

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I think pay it forward is one of the best movies I have seen and I am glad to see that I was not alone with the crying bit in that movie...would definately see it again
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We just renetd Pay It Forward this weekend too. What a tear jerker!

Anyway my sister and I noticed some wierd stuff in the movie. Like when the kid is on his bike and he stops and surveys the homeless camp near the beginning of the movie. When it shows a scene with a couple of tents in the background, I noticed this..THING on the left-hand side of the screen in front of a tent. It looked like a person wearing a red plaid flannel, but with this huge head! I was like "Whoa" so I rewound it and paused it, and asked my sister if she could figure it out. Neither of us could make out what it was.
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Alright, damn you Illusion (J/J)! Now I have to go rent the movie again! You got me curious!!
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We've seen both. I really liked The Family Man, and want to buy it on DVD! PIT was good, too! Tear jerker, but really good movie. I like Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt. The boy is a good actor, too! Of course, I like Nicolas Cage!
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I really liked the movie Pay it Forward....except for the ending I like a sad movie, but I didn`t expect that ending. I saw the Green Mile some time ago. It was the most realistic movie about prison life I have ever seen.
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Oh Guys, I am SO glad you started talking about The Green Mile!!!
I read the book, and so did my husband, a year or two before the movie came out. I LOVED the book...I am a huge Stephen King fan anyway, and thought this was one of his best!
So then when we heard it was going to be a movie...I was a little skeptical at first.....sometimes the movies are nothing like the book (like Hannibal for example) but we went to see Green Mile anyway...and I LOVED it! Of course there were parts that had to be cut out, for times sake, but basically it followed the book really well!!!!!! If any of you are into reading, do read the book!!! It is awesome!!!!!!!!! I loved Jingles!!!!!! (the mouse)
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I loved The Green Mile!! I will definately have to read the book! Jingles made the movie more lighthearted since the movie was so serious. I definately loved how they incorporated the pet mouse in it!
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