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Flea Collars

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I just bought a Zodiac flea collar for the stray cat i found, ive never had any cats so i just bought the longest lasting one, and every once in a while the cat would scratch its neck near the collar. Can i just put the collar on any cat or can they be allergic to the flea powder? Right now i really dont have any money to take the cat for a check up but it seems really healthy i also bought some Iams kitten food for it as suggested before. Any one with any advice?
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No no no no no no no!

Please re-consider. A flea collar nearly killed my cat. I've told the story umpteen times, if you want to you can do a search for it. Please re-consider.

Aside from that, I'm thrilled that you are trying to help this baby. You're doing a great job. If you do decide to use the flea collar, please check her often for a reaction.
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hmm well its one of those breakoff ones, if the cat doesnt like it, it will be able to take it off itself so i dunno but she seems fine. She just snuggled up to my bed sheets right now. I just hope its not sick or carries any contagious diseases but i read the things to check for to see if its healthy or not and everything seems to check up.
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If your town has a Humane Society, try giving them a call to see if they can refer you to a low-cost vet. It's a good idea to get the kitty check out & vaccinated, and spayed or neutered. Some communities even have free spay/neuter and basic care programs.
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I have to agree with sockie's mom. Flea collars are not a good idea. They can cause rashes, and skin disorders, and even more serious problems than that- and as sockie's mom has said, can even kill you new kitten/cat. This cat needs to go to the vet and get shots and be seen to determine if it is healthy. Usually on the first exam, the vet will give you topical flea ointment for the kitten for free. Take off the flea collar and cut it up in small pieces and toss it in the garbage.
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You also can buy at the vet a single dose of Atvantage or Frontline Plus , it cost you maybe around $ 10.00 dollars . I would call in the morning the vet and ask about it and it is totaly save for cats . I never would get any flea protuct over the counter in some kind of store ever .
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Here are 2 threads about the Zodiac anti-flea shampoo:

Be sure to avoid Hartz products - they're so poisonous that some pets have gotten seizures and others have died from the poison.

Sounds like the cat's adopting you - so if you're thinking more long-term about having the cat, making the cat indoor-only will prevent exposure to flea infestations and other outdoors nastiness.

With an inside cat, you don't really need to use a flea collar - as long as you make sure that both the cat and your house are free of fleas & flea eggs, and people don't accidentally bring fleas in. Use the flea comb technique outlined in the "Fleas!!!!!!!" thread linked above - no chemicals, and you get to spend quality time w/your cat.

Good info in the "Cat Fleas" article here: http://www.thecatsite.com/cat_care/care.php?a=fleas
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