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Mentos has a tumor in his stomach :(

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An endoscopic procedure today revealed that Mentos has a thickening in the stomach, and the likelihood of it being a tumor is well over 75%, but until a biopsy can be done..... they will not know for certain...but that's what it is looking like now

Needless to say, I'm flattened by this news :'(

How much are we looking at to attempt to rumor a tumor from the stomach? or will it be more humane to put him down?

I've already spent over 1.5k to diagnose the problem, I don't know ho wmuch more I can afford. And I will need to take him to a major university clinic to perform it.

Anybody want to give me a ball park figure as to how much it'll cost?
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I'm so sorry to hear this.

I can't help with the $ figure, but I suggest you call the clinic to find out, and perhaps discuss payment options.

You might want to set an appointment with the vet or see if he or she will call you at a set time, so you can have a frank discussion of his prognosis, and of treatment options. A good caring vet should take the time to discuss your concerns with you. Write down your questions, and take along a notepad to write answers and instructions. It can be hard to think straight when you're facing the emotions that come with dealing with a sick pet.

Hang in there...hopefully it'll be easily treatable.
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This is awful news for you, I hope your vet will be able to give you some clarity on the diagnosis and the treatment options/$ soon. Sometimes the worst thing is not 'knowing' what will happen...

My cat Toby died from cancer recently, but it wasn't operable so I don't know what an operation would have cost. I do remember the vet telling me that chemo can be very expensive though do if you do write a list of topics to cover with your vet be sure to add that one in too.

Good Luck, and let us know how you get on.
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I don't have any suggestions or help in this area, but I wanted to say that I am very sorry to hear this possible diagnosis, as I have followed your threads about your kitty hoping he'd get better soon. Sending *many good vibes* to you and poor Mentos.
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I'm so so sorry about Mentos. I also want to send some healing vibes.
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the tumor is a cancer, and it is inoperable......

we have decided to spend what's left of Mentos' days as long as he's eating and active, then we're send him on his way.

Thanks for all your support.
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I am so sorry about your Mentos . Just give him all the love you have and spoil him and make him as confi as posible . It is hard to let go I know , but sometimes we have to do that . At least now you know and can prepare yourself when it come's to that point you have to say good bye . ((((HUGS))))
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I am soo sorry to hear about your Mentos. I know he'll have all the loving he could ever want with you. Keep your chin up, and remember that all of us will be here if you need us.((((Hugs))))
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I am so sorry! Sending hugs to you and Mentos.
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Oh no this is too sad. I'm so sorry.. love him as much as you can.. he will let you know when its time to go. I cant believe a 4 yr old cat could have cancer. It's so unfair.
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First off: I am sorry to hear about Mentos

Second, and it is just a thought: have you thought about getting a second opinion to see if it is inoperable? The only reason I ask that, is because the secretary at work ... her daughter's dog had a tumor on it's chest, and the vet pretty much said if they didn't do surgery, then they'd have to put her down. Her daughter went to see a second vet, and found out it was only a fatty tumor, They gave her meds and it is gone now.

How is Mentos today?
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Sorry to hear about Mentos.

{{{{Hugs}}}} coming to you and Mentos.

How is Mentos doing today?
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I am very sorry to hear about your kitty. We recently had to make this kind of decision with our Chris, we've had 5 good weeks, and I believe they meant as much to him as to us. I wish you good snuggle times and a peaceful passing when it is time,
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I am so sorry to hear this.

Enjoy the time that you have with him, and I send hugs and pray for strength & peace for you when it is time to let him go.
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there is good news and bad news..... Other than having a smaller appetite and being more lethargic, Mentos doesn't show any sign of discomfort. his CBC showed nothing wrong with him, so I guess his health is good.

We have been giving him a protein liquid formula so that his doesn't get liver failure, and we feed him whatever he is willing to eat.

I am actually on a trip and my g/f (mentos' mommy) is taking care of him. We got a camcorder so we can record as many videos of him as we can.

We have cancled a las vegas trip end of this month so that we can spend more time with him.

I will try to get a second opinion. I think as of now, the tumor is just in the way of his eating..... other than that I think he is ok.... what can I expect from this tumor? Will the cancer cells spread and start destroying his organs?

I hope to be able to get medication to ease him through this process. He is still super sweet to us (doesn't greet us at the door anymore)....

It's so sad because he is only 4, he is our first cat, and he's been nothing short of amazing. We will miss him soooooooooo MUUUCHHHH :'(
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This just breaks my heart

I think if it were me I might just get one last opinion... and then let him carry out the remainder of his life in peace with lots of love and scritches. I just cant get over that he's only 4 and could have cancer
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the doctor believes the cancer is viral, and was infected at an early age, even possibly from the mother. However, blood tests and FeLV, FIV tests were negative..... but he says it might be in the bone marrow. Regardless, the biopsy says the tumor is malignant.

the issue now is that it might obstruct is food passage, and he might not be able to down food, and absorb the food properly. The vet says the inside of his stomach is "deformed"... which seems like a really bad spot to be deformed. Because a way to a kitty's heart is through their stomach

The doctor recommend a few herbal and a few medical supplements that will east him through this process.... I hope they made something for the humans
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I noticed you are in Washington. If you are interested, there is an excellent clinic in Vancouver Canada, the Animal Critical Care Group. You can only go there by referral and they are very expensive but they treat cancer patients regularly and can give you options.
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thanks for the referral, but Vancouver is a good 5 hour trip for me. Washington State Univ. is also by me (2 hrs) and they have a very good vet program as well.

The location of the tumor is what's so troubling, I don't know if I'm financially capable to pay more then 4 - 5k in costs. And if those costs only mean a few more months of good living, perhaps it's too selfish of us to ask so much out of poor kitty...
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poor mentos! I am sending some healing vibes for Mentos, and his family!
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