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this will tickle you

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After the British went to war over the Falkland Islands, peace finally settled down and people started to get on with their lives. However, the air patrols continued with the Harriers (which can hovver) making patrols slowly up and down the coast line.
Anyway, the pilots noticed that there were some beaches where there were literally tens of thousands of penguins . Penguins as you may not know - are very inquisitive animals and will stare at things until they are dots on the horizon.
So the RAF pilots got used to this and on the patrols - they would fly left to right and a few ten thousand penguin heads would all slowly follow left to right ( you can picture this - yeh?)
Then for a little more fun, they would fly right to left and again- thousands of beaks would all slowly turn and watch it. The harrier pilots got clever to this - so they then thought about having some fun, so they flew left right, right left then headed out to sea.
About five miles out they turned 180 degrees and then headed straight towards the penguins - of which they watched and watched and watched and as the pilots went clean over the top - tens of thousands of penguins all fell on their backs!
It must have been a priceless moment watching that!
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Sounds like humans at a tennis match :0)))))!!
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If only some one had caught that on film !
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I think I've seen soething like this with penguins, but on a smaller scale.

Good to see you back Kev . . .
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oh that would have been cute to see!
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that is so funny!
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