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Flowerbelle's part of the family now!

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Our little girl has grown from 1 pound 7 oz (after being tube feed initially then being fed for almost three weeks) to 3 pounds 10 ounces!!!!! She got her last lung worm shot last week , and she's got all her adult teeth in now. She's getting spayed next Wednesday.

But after we came back from GA, we stopped separating her at nights. She was big enough - and fiesty enough - to hold her own with the other cats. And FINALLY Spooky has stopped lashing out at her for no reason. When Flowerbelle tackles Spook, she'll let her know she's not up for it - but that's about the extent of it these days.
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...and they make enough room to include her at the window.
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...and Tuxedo is TOTALLY her pal! He puts up with almost anything. Who would have ever thought that Tuxedo would come this far? (When he first turned up in our yard, he was a NASTY little kitten, and until about 9 months, he stayed mean. At seven months, he almost killed a new kitten (Munchkin) that turned up here.) But what a sweetie he's turned out to be, LOL!
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She's a sweetie - but she goes NUTS when she plays! She plays very intensely - and all the rest of the gang seem to enjoy running around with her - either playing chase or hide and seek. Otherwise - they just stay out of the way.
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Yay Flowerbelle!

I love the last picture!
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OMG that last picture is priceless!

Is she definitely deaf?
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...and then she passes out at the end of a long day.
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The hugging pic is so cute!
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She's deaf - but she can hear certain frequencies. It's the only explanation. She cannot hear us talking to her or calling her - she can't hear the TV - no matter how loud. But if there's a siren on TV - her head will pop up, and her ears will move around. She now thinks her name is "chk chk chk" LOL! Stick the side of your tongue along one row of teeth - teeth not closed together - and kind of cluck against your cheek - and it makes a noise she can hear. But that's all we've figured out she can hear. But that's way more than we thought!

Her eye isn't doing too well either. There are several blistery looking things on it - which the Doc says just look ugly but aren't painful. She does not act like they hurt. It's a mystery to him why they haven't healed yet. There are cat eye specialists not far from here - but they won't see her until she's over a year old. But as long as she's not in pain, and seeing at least OK out the other eye, we're good with that. It's just so cute, though - she is really into touching things. She always reaches out - just to touch whatever's there. Another cat, us, a toy.... I don't know whether she's measuring distance, or what.

Does Kahu do that? I kind of felt like because her world doesn't include (much) sound, perhaps that's why - just because it's based on vision and touch?
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Oh - just one other thought. Because she's just got one good eye, her depth perception is all off-kilter. And it results in the funniest things. She's frequently trying to grab at something that's no where near her. And she constantly falls off the cat tree - she leaps but doesn't quite go far enough - or goes too far. Thank god she never hurts herself! (And she does always land on her feet. )
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Oh! She sure is settling in...
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that's so cute! Kanga hasn't learned to land on his feet yet
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That poor baby sure went through a lot . And look what a cutie she is now ( was a cutie befor too) , she sounds like she has the cutest personality . And I have to say , she gotten big now Those are some great picture you made , I really love them .
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I know - she looks HUGE! But she isn't - she's just much larger than she was.

BUT LOOK WHAT I JUST TOOK!!!! Just a few minutes ago...... Spooky and Flowerbelle - sleeping together (well - kind of )
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That picture of Flowerbelle hugging Tuxedo is a perfect caption picture. :
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LOL! She was attacking him - but it sure looks like a hug, doesn't it?
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Those are so touching !! Flowerbelle is such a lucky girl. Do you think she will ever get use to having one good eye, like judging distances and stuff? Have you ever tried a dog whistle on her? It might be a frequency she can hear. I dont know!
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those pics are so precious!!! I love the one where all of them were standing by the window... so sweet!!!
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Laurie - Kahu does not respond to any sound at all, seems to me he is profoundly deaf.
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Yay flowerbelle!
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Awww.... I am glad my kitty buddy Flowerbelle is settling in nicely I hope her eye gets better... I know how she feels to have a bad eye.
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She is such a precious little thing!!! She is SO much bigger than when she first came to you, but she is still so TINY!! Great pics of my little angel in white fur. :
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It's great to see the progress that she has made in the last few months! Great job!!
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Awww those are such great pics of her! She looks like she fits right in and belongs in the family with the others! She just makes me want to go "awwwwwwwww" and hug you guys for loving her!
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Flowerbelle is absolutely angelic. Everytime I see pictures of her it makes me smile and warms my heart sooo much. It's very encouraging to see a kitty that was so close to losing her life.. now living it to the fullest. Encouraging AND spirit lifting.

You and Gary are truly wonderful people, and anytime I start to feel sad or just bummed out I'm gonna be pming you for some Flowerbelle pictures!!

((((((((Flowerbelle, Laurie, Gary, and FAMILY!)))))))
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Awwwww!! I just love that last one Shes getting so big!!!
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I think it's cute how on the 2nd picture, the two black and white cats are on the outside, and the two tortie/tabbies on together, and Flowerbelle has taken her place by with them also. Now, I think you need another white cat to even it out.

Flowerbelle is a little miracle, and she's so adorable.
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That is so cool she is doing better and getting along with the others! I love that picture of her with Tuxedo and the one of her passed out!
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Oh my gosh, what a little sweetie! I love how Tuxedo and Sheldon look like matching bookends in the window picture. And Flowerbelle is just too cute for words in her sleepy picture. I'm so glad she's part of your gang now... she's one lucky little girl.
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Great pics!! It's wonderful to see how nicely things are coming along, and the progress she's making. That pic of Tuxedo and her is just precious, Pixie 'attacks' Mozart like that a lot, but it can look like a hug.
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