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Male or female!

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I would like to hear from you as which are most loving for pets? I have one of each which were both feral previously!
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I find that males are generally cuddlier but the biggest factor is the cat's individual personality.
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I have found the same thing. They aren't that different from their human counterparts. The guys are always looking for lovin' :-D
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I've only had one male cat so far, but he certainly is much cuddlier than any other cat I've known. My females have ranged from very standoffish to very loving and cuddly, but they always want petting or cuddles only on their terms - and they can be very demanding when they do want attention. When they want to be left alone, they make that very clear too. Charlie, on the other hand, is pretty much always up for cuddling when it's offered, and rarely objects to being picked up at random and loved on.

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l think a lot of it has to do with how we raise cats and what we expect of them. l've only had a few females in my lifetime because my particular style of "raising" doesn't seem to mesh as well with the females. l raise awesome male cats, or males do better here and grow up being relaxed and friendly, so l prefer males.

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What do you mean by style of raising?
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The way cats are treated in the home, and any expectations put on them. l treat all my cats the same way, for the most part permissively. The way l treat cats seems to be better suited to the males than females. Male cats that l've had seem to grow more into what l expect of a cat, or "better" cats that fit my family life better.

As l say, l treat all cats the same, but the few females l've had were all stand-offish and a bit uptight. People l know, and people here on TCS have had mostly females who were very loving and relaxed. So l have to conclude that they treat the females in a way that makes them "better" cats, whereas my style doesn't - mine is geared towards the male cat purrsonality.

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