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silly question....vet alert tag

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I've been looking for a vet alert tag for my cat since he had the vaccine reaction last year, so that if someone picks him up & he ends up with Animal Control or in a vet clinic they'll know not to vaccinate him without taking precautions.

I finally found a place that has them, so now I'm wondering what's the best way to word it in limited space...something along the lines of an alert not to vaccinate b/c he's had an anaphylactic vaccine reaction in the past.

I'd like to save room for a name & # on the tag - my dogs are all loaded up with multiple tags, but I don't know how well Mr. cat would take wearing more than one.
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how many characters allowed?
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They typing space gives 5 lines, 20 characters per line. The site says abbreviations will be used if necessary.
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Does microchipping cover that?
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Yes, the microchip comany would have the information on file if someone calls, but I would also like to have a visible reminder with immediately accessible information on him.

Actually - that is a reminder for me to give Avid a call & update his info - thanks!
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In vet-speak, you could word it "Vax Rxtn! No Vax!", but the average layperson may not interpret that correctly, so if possible, spell it out completely...."Vaccine Reactions, Call My Vet!" and include the clinic number. Ideally, if you could have two tags on the collar, this would be better, one for identifying information, the other with the vaccine reaction info and your clinic's name/address/phone number.
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some ID tags can be engraved on BOTH sides. Personal info on one side, vet info on the other.


people will understand allergic easier than reaction (trust me, people can be dumb when reading something out of context)
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Thanks for the tips, guys.
I'm ordering a tag that has a medical symbol one one side, and space on the other side for the info.
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