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I got a phone call right before I left for work this morning, and it was the school nurse at my aunt's school. I was in shock! I was worried for that brief second until she told me she was ok. They think that my aunt, Kathy had a seizure. One of the other teachers said her tongue was rolling!! How weird. She has never had this problem before. Since my grandmother died, she has been taking it the hardest, since she is the youngest of the sisters (my mom being in the middle)...and she has 2 kids under 4!! My uncle has to have surgery because he has a hernia...so I think everything really overwelmed her!! I was crying when the nurse told me! Kathy and I are very close, and I don't want anything bad to happen to her!! I finally got a hold of my mom and she went to pick her up...we didn't want to worry my grandfather, so we didn't call him! Ugh! Now, I am sitting here waiting to find out what IS REALLY WRONG! I might go visit them tomorrow! Please send your healing and praying vibes! Thanks guys!
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I can understand how you feel, the same thing happened to my sister, and her daughter was in the other room and heard nothing. Luckily for her, my other sister was visiting at the time and was able to call an ambulance. It really is an awful feeling. My thoughts are with your aunt and let us know how she is.
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Oh no how awful. I hope it was just a freak occurance and there's nothing wrong. Sending prayers and good vibes her way..
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I had to call the school nurse since I wasn't patient enough! She said my mother got there right before 10 and they called her doctor. She was emotionally distressed! He told her to go to the nearest emergency room, but she needed to get something to eat since she could be in there for awhile. That's all I know as of right now. I just get really freaked out when someone is in the hospital...very bad experiences!
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Candie, I am sending all of the healing vibes and prayers that me and the boys can send to Kathy. Hang in there we are here for you!

{{{{{{HUGS and HEALING VIBES}}}}}}
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I hope and prayer that she is ok! I will keep her in my prayers!
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Aw! I hope she's okay!!!!!! Sending lots of healthy get better vibes her way!!!!!!

And Hugs to you Candie my friend at this time!

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No news yet...still waiting to hear something. They have to still be in the emergency room. I had to go shopping during my lunch break to take my mind off of it...I hate being patient!
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I've had 3 seizures so i know its scary. I hope they get some answers soon.
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Kathy has been admitted into the hospital. They are doing numerous tests on her I have to spend the day tomorrow helping her mother-in-law watch my baby cousins (Kyle (4) and Kassidy (2))!! I love them so so much! I get my baby fix with them...hehe...I'll keep you guys posted. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!
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I hope everything is ok with your aunt. I'll be thinking about your family.
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(((hugs))) Hope she gets better, keeping our paws crossed for her
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Prayers and vibes for you and for her. Dont worry too much all will be well.
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Thanks guys so much! Your healing vibes and prayers worked! She is at home resting now. She got sick because she had that reaction you get when you go Cold Turkey off of antidepressants. And, she is a borderline diabetic and hadn't eaten in almost a day. My uncle's mother has the kids today, so she can rest. I might drop by in the early afternoon and take her some flowers! If anything happens to take a turn, I will keep you guys posted.
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That is good news! I am glad to know that she will be okay. The boys and I will continue to send healing vibes and prayers for her
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