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I am an auntie!

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My sister just had her baby 1/2 an hour ago. She and the little girl are doing well. Morgan Celeste Trudy Maher weighed in at 5 pounds even. I will post a pic as soon as I get one!
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Congratulations to you and your sister!
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Congrats Auntie Ady!
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Awww! Congratulations! I can't wait to see pictures.
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Congrats to Aunt Ady and to Mom and little Morgan
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Congratulations Auntie!!!! 5 lbs, ooooh they are so super duper cute at that size!!!!! Give her lots of hugs and kisses
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Yay! I LOVE the name Morgan!

Congrats Aunty Ady! and I look forward to seeing pics!
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Congratulations Ady!
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Congratualtions auntie! Hope we get to see pictures soon!
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Congratulations to You and your Sister!
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That is great news! Congratulations! Morgan is such a pretty name too!!!
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Ady - all the best to you, your sister and your brand, shiny new little niece!!!!
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Congratulations Ady! And congrats to your sister and her s/o!

I am a but curious, I guess it´s since I had a c-section myself, sorry for all the questions...
Why did she have the c-section? Was your sister due to give birth? Why was little Morgan so tiny (she is the same size my son was when he was born, after 40 weeks).

Cant wait to see pics of the little one!
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Congrats Ady!
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Congratulations on your brand new niece!!!!
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Congrats to you and your sister.
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Thats wonderful news! Congrats!
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