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board magic please!! job..

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If you didn't know, I graduated from college in may and can't find a job to save my life. I've interviewed at a ton of places and either i don't have enough experience or I have too high an education lvl (retail and stuff think for some reason I won't take the job seriously--they don't know me)..

So today I interview for this non-prof job that really i just sent my resume in for as a desperate thing, thinking there's no way I would want this job but I could deal with it if need be. I just got back from the interview and OMG do I want it. BAD. I love the place, the people seem really HAPPY to be there, the job description reads like a dream, and although it starts part time, there is a chance to turn full time if it works out well, which I really think it would. Plus I get to help people in my community! This is like the best case scenario for me right now..

Well I'm trying not to get my hopes up because I'm not the best interview plus I have almost zero volunteer/social work experience, and although me and the interviewer had a good rapport, I can't rely on that to take me to interview 2. But if I do get to interview 2 I think I'm going to go all out, now that I know what they expect.

So please can you guys send me some good vibes to get called in for interview 2?? I love tcs board magic and really believe it works Thanks in advance
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I am sending all of the get the job vibes I've got your way as I don't need them anymore! I hope you get it!
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Ohhh! Anna! I am sending you TONS and TONS of positive "getting the job" vibes!
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Sending TONS of Call Back vibes to you Anna!!

It's funny how these things work out. When I sent my resume here, I didn't think I wanted the job. It was advertised as "Receptionist" which I really didn't want to do, but I was willing to do just about anything to get a job! Well, I love it here! Not only are the people I work with just good people, but the job is expanding to a direction that I never thought I would take (Marketing), but that I really enjoy AND is highly sought after for the future. Answering the phones is almost secondary to everything else. :S
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THanks guys

Heidi it's weird you would say that, because I have a degree in marketing and this social work is a 180 for me. THe best thing about the interview was when she asked me if I have experience with psa's (public service announcements)/press releases/event planning, all of which I was somewhat taught in school, so even though it's a lot of community involvement, it's also sort of in my field. I mean seriously I could make this mine and kick butt, I know I could.

Now I find out that this organization has received funding and free services from my brother's company, so hopefully I can get in a phone call. That is SUCH a coincidence because my brother is working for this tiny start up that no one's ever heard of, and now I find this out.. AH.
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~~~~~sending mega-powerful land that job waves from Kansas City~~~~~
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I hope you get this job - it sounds like a great opportunity. It would be so wonderful to know that you're helping others with your work!
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(((((((((((((((((GOOD LUCK!)))))))))))))))))))
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Sending you Get That Job Vibes
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I hope you get the job.. Sending HEAPS and HEAPS of job vibes ANNA! =)
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I have been told marketing is extremely tough to get into, even with a degree. It's similar to the mortgage industry -- you have to pretty much know someone to get in. I was told by a recruiter of an employment agency, because I was going to the University of Phoenix for a marketing degree. I have since stopped going to school because we are in the process of switching to a different school, and have to wait til my financial aid year ends. So, when the time comes, I'll probably go for a business degree.
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tigger.. well my main degree is business administration, covering hr, accting, mgmt, finance, and then I specialized in marketing, although of everything I've done the only thing I have a deep love for is marketing/advertising. It is kind of weird to get in to, just because there's no really objective way to measure marketing, so businesses do typically go with networked people. But I don't think it's impossible to break into, I mean I know people I graduated with that are actually working in that field, though the number is much smaller than those that aren't. And most marketing jobs require a masters anyhow, and all require experience. I'm hoping to get in somewhere at a position such as this one i just interviewed for, which is related to marketing, then when the job market picks up (if the position isn't working out) I'll have at least some sort of experience.
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sending TONS of good job waves your way!

good luck!!!!!
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I hope you get that job.. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Good Luck}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
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Lots of Get this job vibes! Good Luck!!!
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Lotsa Luck
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Sending many **good vibes for second interview** your way!
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To Anna, here's my share of "getting the job" vibes!
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Sending good vibes your way!!!

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I said a prayer for you. Good luck!
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Any update?
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I hope I didn't come off as sounding mean or anything. I was just curious about how the marketing industry is, since that is what I was going for. I've put in for entry level (with no experience needed) and never heard a word back.
I hope you get that job
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