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Alley meows but sometimes she opens her mouth and
nothing comes out is this normal and what does it mean
when they do this
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This is completely normal and it's something that some cats do. It's called a "silent meow." In my opinion, I think that it's possible that your cat is making a sound that is outside the range of normal human hearing.

P.S. I used to have a cat that often did this too.
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Thanks...i thought maybe something was wrong
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Remember Chelle when I told you i'd only heard
Pandora meow a couple times ever.
I think I've heard her meow maybe 3 times with
some sound.Well that's all she ever does,
has the soundless meows.

As few and far between as even those are.
I've never seen a cat as quiet as she is.

Now is that normal?? Having a cat who never
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patches doesen't meow that much either
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Yeah but I've literally only heard her meow
about 3 times lol
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My mom had a cat that never meowed,not sure if she
ever took him to the vet to find out why
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Chelle, I notice my cats do the "silent meow" after their visit to the vet. I suspect that's the cat's language for "sh**, I hate it when mommy brings me there"
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I like to think that my cats "silent meow" is "I Love You" in a whisper
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I have a female cat named Kiki who can meow normally but also will "silent meow" every once and a while. She's been doing that for the last 15 years. I also have another female cat named Tootsie who can't meow normally at all. Whenever she tries, she sounds like she's gargling. When we asked our vet, he said cats have two vocal cords, one for purring and one for meowing. He said the one for meowing was probably damaged when she was a kitten by an infection (we found her when she was about a teenager). But she has the ability to purr.
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Originally posted by AmberThe Bobcat
I like to think that my cats "silent meow" is "I Love You" in a whisper

Awww that is cute
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