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New Contest Begins now!

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This Contest is now CLOSED! Thank you-
the winner was Pat & Alix

Thanks to Feline Furniture Company there is one cat condo waiting for one lucky winner before Christmas! Click on the link below to play the game, finish the game in the desired time, answer the question and win your chance. All members are eligible even moderators. Those in other countries if you win, the merchant will pay for $25.00 of the shipping and you will be asked to supply the rest. The benefit of this is that the condo is very lightweight.

Good luck to all of you-
Kissing Cat
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I played and entered the contest.
That was fun, Thank you & The Feline Furniture Company
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That was fun! Thank you!
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I played and entered the contest
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Gotta love breakout. I just played and entered.
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I played and entered too!
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very cute condo!
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I played and entered too!
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That was fun!
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Thank you for the great game , that was fun .

I was looking and reading about the protuct . It really sounds promising to me . Due to having a lot of cats I am very skeptical to other matarial then made out of wood .
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Hedi - Mary Anne reviewed this product a couple of months ago. Even with her (large) feral crew, she liked the product. The Review

I played last night, and I have to say that is SUCH an adorable picture. Thank you to KidsnCats for it!
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thanks Valanhb , good to know that there were some profesional testers there from M.A. . It does sound great to me now .

Yes that picture is so cute , I was almost ashamed to destroy it
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Actually that is a review with a story behind it. The client had contacted me awhile back about reviewing his product. I told him our terms on the review, and he agreed and sent me out his product. I got it and started putting it together and saw many things wrong with it as it was assembled and when it was finished. The legs were wobbly, the hammocks were attached only by a thin ribbon among other things.

We put it in the living room, none of the cats went near it! Finally, I put one on it and he jumped right off. So we moved it to the bedroom, nothing, then the dining room, nothing. Finally my big manx came indoors, jumped on the hammock and crashed to the floor! So I was in a dilemna, I had to write about this product and couldn't justify doing so. Instead,I took a deep breath and called the manufacturer, got right through, started gently to tell them what I had found unsuitable for my cats.
They didn't dismiss as someone off the deep end involved with cats, instead they listened closely to what I said, called me back several times on conference calls, then they built a unit adding my suggestions and shipped it to me. It was perfect! Sturdy, safer, larger, easy to assemble (the first set of instructions you had to be a rocket scientist to understand them) They are now making both models, the first one with stronger pieces and then the larger size, plus I just rewrote their instructions for them to make assembly even easier. The one you see in some of my photos on the board with ropes on it is the first model that we "millerized" to make it safer. The cats love that one now. The other one is in the bedroom and we didn't have to millerize that one. It is fabulous and the cats love it as well.

In this day and age to find a company who listens to a nobody on the end of the phone tell them what is wrong with their product and doesn't hang up or get rude, and then goes out of their way to fix those problems! Unheard of in my book!

I cannot recommend their product enough, it is easy to assemble, lightweight to move and the parts are easily replacable when they wear out.

No voice mail, no mechanical messages, no automated emails are generated from this company. They really do care about their product and how it is perceived by cat owners, and have even taken one of my suggestions about a future product design and they are building it now and will offer it sometime in the future. And no, I can't tell you what it is, but it will appeal to cat breeders and people who do cat shows.
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WOW M.A. that really speaks for the company that they were listening to you and redone the hole product . I am sure it cost them money to do so , but in the long run it was a better protuct and saver for the kitties .I am very impressed
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what fun, though as usual, I was bouncing ball challenged...but I entered, and would so love to win this! My cats would be in seventh heaven!
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Can I win if I live in Canada?
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Creepy you can win, and again the merchant will pay $25.00 towards shipping and would ask you to make up the rest. The unit is lightweight-
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I entered and I'll say one thing that game reminded me to clean my mouse ball.....oh and I only had one complaint I forgot to put in the feedback thingy...it was hard for me to see the white paddle and ball. It may have just been me though, but a dark background would help. Well great game and good luck everyone. I'm sure our kitties are now crossing their paws
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keeping this bumped
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LOL...i got such a thrill to see that pic! i'll have to tell Kidsncats about it in the morning!!
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Originally posted by Gothic_Amethyst
it was hard for me to see the white paddle and ball. It may have just been me though, but a dark background would help.
I too had a hard time seeing the ball and paddle.
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The paddle was a bit sluggish for me as I played, so it took several tries before I completed the game. But it was worth the effort, and now I am hoping to be a winner!
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Java can be pretty problematic when it comes to browser compatibility. Most users should be able to play the game, but I know that some of you may have various speeds to deal with.

At least if it's slow, you get more viewing time of that great picture
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Thank you for all the kind comments about my 2 boys! It tickles me to death when they give each other "lovings". I was going to try and get one of Charlie(my son) kissing Simon(the cat) but it usually looks more like he's biting him. LOL. Hey, can I enter for the cat tree too?
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Of course you can Heidi! And again, thank you for letting us use this lovely photo!
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I entered this game
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I don't know if I posted these pics before, but here is my version of the Kitty Playground!! This is the 3rd rebuild and enlargement I have done over the years. All of my Kitties love the Kitty Playground. The cost of my current Kitty Playground would be around $1000. More pics of the Kitty Playground can be seen on my Kitties website.

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Sid - aren't they great? They are such good exercise platforms for energetic cats and after they play, they just settle down and sleep on the hammocks or in the fleece covered condo houses.

By the way- I am bumping this-
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Sid-your cat playground looks awesome. I wish I could afford something like that, or even a cat condo. They are so expensive.
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