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I Have A Date!!!!!

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Well, I let Clyde in tonight, and when I went to get his water after putting his food out, I turned around and there were "two" cats instead of one. He had brought home a friend. His friend trotted into the bathroom got a drink of water, and meanwhile I grabbed Clyde and put him in the back room (door shut).

I turned around and the cat took one look at me and went back out the door. After sitting down about 10 feet from me, I heard this tiny high pitched meow (I think the cat is a female), and I just stood there in amazement.

I kind of wondered about the cat, since "she" was well filled out but with no collar. She readily came into the house with Clyde, so she must have felt at home in some way.

Since it was about 45 outside, I put a little food out for her, and when I checked later, most of it was gone.

Now I've got to decide whether I want to keep letting him out for his short stays outside, or am I going to have to get a rolling cage so I can bring him in when I want him to come in.

I'm still amazed, my cat can get a date, and I've had no luck at all <grin>.

Mike (for Clyde)
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LOL...that's kinda funny how that works, huh?

don't worry, you'll find yourself a date!
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That is amazing! All my girls are outdoor/indoor and they always shooed away outsiders (whether male or female)from the property. Your Clyde must be quite a charmer to the ladies!
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Raggie & Yayimom:

I just saw Clyde, and he must have gotten "slapped". He has a small scratch across the right side of his nose. No blood, just a small scratch which wasn't there before. He must not have been such a after all!!!

Mike (Clyde's slave)
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I just took Clyde in for his monthly flea treatment and grooming. Upon arriving home, I saw his "girlfriend" on the steps across the street, looking very cold and meowing. She at the food I put out last night. She looks tame and like a very sociable cat.

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i wonder if anyone owns her.....
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