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Last night my honey calls me at work to ask if I'd paid the water bill recently. I said I wasn't sure but I thought I did and then asked him why. he said that we didn't have any water, so I told him I'd call them when I got home. well I call them only to be put on hold for 5 minutes, when I finally get someone the girl askes me"do you know if anyone of your other neighbors have water?" (well comeon, I just told you that I just got home from work to find no water, DUH!?) so I simply told her no so I get put on hold AGAIN so she can see if there's any problems in our area that they are working on. I wait and soon she comes back on saying how they were working on a problem in out area around nooonish and that they should've had all the water turned on. well I spat at her, they didnt' turn my water on and I wanted it turned on right then and there as I wanted to take a shower before I went to bed. She told me that she'd send someone out on an emergency call and that they'd be here within 4 hours. 4 hours!? it's already 7:30pm and I am going to bed soon, this is incrediblely stupid. but I hold my tongue and said fine I'll wait for them and thanked airhead for her time.
thankfully they showed up at 8pm and I go out to talk with the guy to find out what happened and why they needed to turn off the water today. It turns out that there was no "emergency" they needed to shut off the water for, they were trying to turn off the water to the neighbors house because he didn't pay his bill and since our water thingy was visible, they just "assumed" that it was his and shut it off! first of all I hate being lied to, and second I think that they should've told me that they messed up and accidently turned off the wrong persons water not give me some bs story about a water emergency. I'm just glad that the guy who came out told me the truth and said that it was our neighbors water they werwe supposed to shut off and that they screwed up and shut of the wrong one because they were basicaly lazy and didn't want to look for the other water thingy.
sorry to rant and be long winded I was just thinking about that tonight and it really irritated me.