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Input needed (#2)

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I am stareing this aditional thread because I really want input on this subject. I am sure alot of you know but I will breifly tell the situation.
My cat just had kittens, four of them, last sunday. I posted them on pet finder for adoption at the end of january. I wanted to post them early so that I could get to know prospective parents.

I have been talking with a lady about adopting one of the kittens. She has assured me she will take great care of him, and provide all medical procedures neccasary. I really like her, I think her family will make a nice home for the kitten.

However, Since the drive is about 6 hours we have agreed to meet with the kitten. My grandparents live about 4 hours from my house and about two hours from her house. Also we both have children in school.

Due to this fact, she has asked me if I would be willing to let the kitten come home over christmas vacation. At this time the kittens will be 8 weeks old.

It would be easiest to make the trip during vacation. Also I really like the lady I have been talking with and think she will make a great home for the kitten. On the other hand I want to do what is best for the kitten.

So is it best to let the kitten stay with mom for 12 weeks, or is it best to take him to a home that will love him and take care of him forever at 8 weeks?

Please give me any input on this, I am weighing this in my mind and want to make a decision before I wright her back!
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I know that certain breeds of cats benefit from being with mom for 12 weeks, but a WHOLE LOT of kittens are safely weaned at 8 weeks. (I would never say younger). Is there any way you can wait a little while before deciding? (maybe as that day approaches you will be able to tell better IF this kitten is ready to be on its own or not).
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Just from my own personal experience, let me tell you a story:

One day this woman drove up our driveway. She had heard I had kittens and wanted to see them. She was immaculately dressed, drove a brand new car, that was spotless inside and out. I let her into my home and she looked at the kittens (I had 5 at the time) Then Karma came into the room.

Karma is about 4 years old, she is a muted tortie with a bad eye. Her previous owner hit her over the head with a blunt object, she dragged herself into our yard, and we found her in our carport injured and took her to the vet, then brought her home.

This lady was captivated with Karma. She wanted her soooo bad, told me she would take excellent care of her, had a wonderful home, lots of kids to love her...My normal procedure is to look at the home first, get vet references and then make a decision, but this time I didn't follow that rule. I let her take Karma (and thankfully one of my carriers) I told her I needed the carrier back and she gave me her phone number and address and said it would be back in a week. Then she left...

A week later, no carrier, no word from this woman at all, so I decided to just go over there and get my property back. I drove over and knocked on the door. It was finally opened. This was about 1:00 in the afternoon, and no, I didn't call first, I just showed up.

The door opened unto a dark smelly living room. Five kids of various ages were crammed on a couch, they weren't dressed well at all and one of them just told me to come on in, so I did.

The house was a mess! You could not even see the floor for all the trash, and debris and junk piled everywhere. I asked where the cat was? They all just looked at me. I made my way through the obstacle course into the kitchen, calling for Karma. There was a huge cage in the kitchen with a really sick looking great dane inside surrounded by his own waste- it was nasty! One of the kids came up to me and said that Karma was in the back bedroom under the bed. So I went back there to get her and bring her home. NO WAY was I going to let her stay there!

The bed was a mattress on the floor propped up by bricks! I looked underneath and I saw junk but no cat! The room, as the rest of the house was trashed as well. I went over, moved some stuff out of the way, shut the door, cleared a spot, laid down on my stomach and called to Karma. I heard her faintly meowing-she was under the bed!
I ripped the bed apart and peeled off the mattress. She was crouched in the far corner, she had been there for quite awhile as I could see she had been peeing all over everything. She saw me and she screamed a loud meow. I grabbed her up and she was shaking, I hugged her close, I could feel her trembling. The carrier was in the closet, I grabbed that, put her inside and left!

Never again will I release a kitten or an adult based on a conversation. I will always check references and do a surprise home inspection. You just never know about people, and had this woman not taken my cat carrier, I shudder to think what would have happened to Karma-
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Hissy your story made me cry like a baby. Poor Karma. Thank God you went to save her.
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My gosh! I guess gone are the days when you can give kittens away at the grocery store. I remember when that was common practice. Did this woman come after you at all?

Of course I guess it helps, but you can't fully even tell from a home visit. I mean some really mean spirited people have clean homes. I do say go with ones gut too, don't you think?
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OMG Hissy! I'm so glad you got her out of there.I would have took my cat home,went back while the kids were in school and beat the $hit outta her. (Well,maybe wouldn't go that far,but it would be sooo tempting)
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No she did not come after me, if she had, she would have ended up in a major trauma center! As I was loading Karma into the car, the neighbor's daughter came running over and asked me if I was rescuing Karma! I told her I was and she hugged me and said "Good!" I got into the car, drove down the street, pulled over and got sick out the window. The house was nasty. I swore to Karma she would have a life with us for the rest of hers. She is with us today.
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