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I think a chicken pooped in her lap or something like that - right?

What did Rachel sing at Barry and Mindy's wedding?
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Yes, thats right!

Ohhh, what is the name of the song...."Her name was Lola, she was a dancer..." Coba Cabana or something, right?

When Poebe gave Monica the bad haircut, who´s haircut was it that she thought Monica wanted to have?
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She thought she said Dudley Moore, but she actually said Demi Moore.

What did Phoebe purchase that she thought was maternity clothes?
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She bought clown pants...LOL

To whom did Ross say, "You gotta be at least bi"?
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I think that she bought Santa pants, not clown pants....although I could be wrong.
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That's right! oops--yes they were santa pants, but they looked like clown pants to me
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To whom did Ross say, "You gotta be at least bi"?
To Emma's male nanny, Sandy.

What did Rachel's father buy her at age 15?
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I see that nobody got this one. He bought her a boat.

Maybe this one will be easier:

What did Joey give up for Phoebe?
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He gave up meat. Since she was craving it!

What is Phoebe's sister-in-law's name?
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Who killed Joey's chair?
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but then joey thought that he did it with chandler's chair
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Oops,we forgot the question: this might be a toughy unless you guys watched Friends last night....

What part of NY does Monica and Chandler look at houses with their realtor?
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Was it West....something???

I'm looking at Mapquest.

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It was West Chester.

How many months pregnant is Courtney Cox Arquette in real life?
(I heard it on the radio this morning)
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She's just into her 2nd trimester (3-4 mos). She looked so much different last night, didn't she?

Was that your question?

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Yes, that was my question. You are suppose to ask one too Someone ask a question...I want to be challanged here!

Oh and yes! She did look different! I didn't know she was pregnant until I heard about it this morning. I told my husband last night that Rachael looked different! But then I saw Monica--I was like she is putting on weight! Now, it makes sense! I am so happy for her and David!
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I'm on my way out the door, but here's one for the weekend.

What was Chandler buying when he was caught spying on Janice in the grocery store?

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I think he said he was buying Barley.

When Rachel was pregnant, the baby kicked every time which "Friend" touch her stomach?
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I am just checking in...... can´t answer this one since I am only up to season 7... They are starting season 10 here though, but I dont have access to it, sadly, but since I now have series 1, third of 6, 7, 8 and 9, I just started waching from the beginning, saw 101-103 last night. I really look farward to get to where I havent been before.

I have some questions about the eps that I dont understand, both due to language barrier and culture barrier, that you might be able to answer, even though they are not trivia questions.

So, my first question is:
In the pilot, when Ross sais to Rachel that she wasnt even getting her honeymoon, but Aruba, this time of year....talking about you big....lizzars...What ever did he mean???

The question from georgiagirl8, above, is still unanswered for the next one
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Polly~I don't recall that...I guess I need to watch the Pilot...and I don't know what the answer is to Georgia's is either...

Anyone know?
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Sorry, just to clear up my question...
The answer to it was Ross.
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That "talk about your big lizzards" scene was just a REALLY bad joke. Not funny, really.

He basically was trying to make Rachel feel better about not being able to go to beautiful Aruba by finding something bad about Aruba that would make you NOT want to go there.

See what I mean, not funny.

Okay, I'll start another question...

Who guest-starred with Joey on Days of our Lives and was fired on the Days of our lives show?

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Karen, thanx for your answer, there are many more of those questions I have, just dont remember any at the moment. When I was watching the first eps the other day, I had some questions about things I didnt understand, maybe I should write them down as I watch the show!

But, I dont know the answer to your question:
Who guest-starred with Joey on Days of our Lives and was fired on the Days of our lives show?

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Susan Sarandon, right? She played Jessica Lockhart.

What did Ross keep shouting to Rachel and Chandler when they were moving a couch up a flight of stairs?
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And, yes it was Susan Sarandon.


Which Friends cast member became a real-life parent this weekend??

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Matt Leblanc....Courtney Cox is pregnant though....not sure what you mean....

What medication does Chandler take to ease his anxiety about having engagement photos taken?
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No, it was Matthew Perry. His wife had a daughter this weekend.

I don't know the answer to your question though.
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No!!! Matthew Perry is NOT married!! The answer was Matt LeBlanc (which is Joey)

I think he was taking Xanax???
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Oops, sorry.
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Didn't see a question posted. So here is mine.

Who is the total hottie Phoebe married last week on Friends (Actor's name not character)??
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