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princess liea (sp?)

where did ross and rachel first have sex?
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In the museum he worked in!

What famous female guest star played a character in love with Rachel?
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Winoa Ryder.

Why did Ross and Joey get stuck on the roof one night?
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They were watching some kind of star that Ross wanted to see, and the rest of them went inside, and Joey let the door close and they got stuck on the roof that way.

What were Ross and Rachael going to name Emma if she was a boy?
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I see nobody guessed this one. I'm not sure either. Was it Jeremy?

What is Rachel's favorite movie?
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She says Dangerous Lasions but she really means Weekend at Bernies.

What was ross' fantasy in the bedroom?
And what ruined it for him?
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Princess Leia in the Gold Bikini.
Chandler said something about picture his mother while in bed with a woman, then Ross pictured his mother when Rachel dressed for his fantasy. Is that right?

What was the name of Rachel's hairless cat?
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Mrs. Whiskerson.

Joey got cast as the butt double for which famous actor?
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Al Pacino

What was the name of the store that Phoebe rented a wedding dress from?
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What was it?
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I'm So Sorry! I should have already checked on the question. The name of the store was: "It's Not Too Late".

Easier Question:

What did Chandler call his third nipple?
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Hey I can actually answer a question!!

Nubbin. That's what he called it, I don't remember him saying that he named it that. But then again I don't watch Friends that closely.

Hmmm...What was Rachel's first job that she cared about?
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Do you think the season finale will end with Ross and Rachael getting married?
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Don´t know, I´m not nearly that far yet....I have allmost 3 series left to see! (Lucky me! )

Hmmm....I think I must be a bit braindead tonight...Cant think of a question....

Ok, got one...

On the "Bad boyfriend bonfire", who was the one that Poebe had dinner with and trew the reciept in the fire?
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I can answer the question about the season finale but I don't think I should. I don't want to be accused of spoiling it.

And the receipt that Pheobe threw in was dinner with Nokululu Oon Ah Ah. I'm not too sure of spelling.

What is Rachel's little sister's name?
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Next question: Which Friend recently appeared on an episode of Bravo's Celebrity Poker Showdown?
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David Schwimmer and he appears again on the 30th December.

On which show did Phoebe's twin sister Ursula first make an appearance?
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It was....the name is on the tip of my tounge....the show with Helen Hunt....She was a waitress at their regular restaurant...
...the name...the name..... or was it maybe some other show?

I´ll ask another question, while I continue thinking...

What was Poebe gonna make when the chef from the restaurant came over to "audition" Monica, for a job in his restaurant?
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Mac & Cheese

My question for you:Why did Joey say, "I'm Joey. I'm disgusting. I take my underwear off in other people's homes"?

***P.S. I got Season 5 for Christmas along with a Trivia Book, so I will be getting all my questions from it...hehe...I'm evil
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Originally posted by caprice
Mac & Cheese
It was actually "yummy noises" - to make the food Monica make sound very good to the chef. (As I haven´t seen all the episodes, there might have been a "Mac & Cheese" some other time that I don´t know about)

Joey said that when he was covering for Monica and Chandler, when he was the only one knowing about their relationship, and Chandlers underwear got discovered in Monicas appartment.

What was Joey watching on TV when he couldn´t find the remote once when Poebe came for a visit?

PS: I got Season 9 for Christmas, but cant dicite if I´m gonna keep it or not, since I think there is some extra stuff on the British version, but not on this one. Do you know if you have some extra stuff on your version of Season 9?

I have a Trivia question book from season 1, I should get that out and find some questions There are 501 questions, and when I bought the book, I got about 480 right! I was very pleased with my "friendly" knowledge!
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I can't figure this one out for the life of me....I think he was watching porn or PBS or something she is totally against. I think I remember this episode...what is it???

My question: What was the top of Ross's con list for Julie?
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Wasn't it just "not Rachel"?
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New Question -

How did Joey, Phoebe, Monica, and Chandler decide who would stay at Emma's birthday party?
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Ooh, ooh, I know this one

They made the wind up toys race

I can't think of a question.....somebody take my turn
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What did Monica and Ross call their dance steps?
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The Routine!

How did Phoebe's apartment catch on fire?
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I think it was started by Rachel's curling iron.

During Joey's "Days of our Lives" days, how did Dr. Drake Ramoray die?
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Didn't he fall down an elevator shaft?

What was Pheobe's gay husbands profession?
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Wasn´t that the one that worked at the ice capade (sp?) At the moment I cant remember his name.

What happened in the bus on the way from the airport when Ross and Julie came home from China?
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