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Which actor plays Frank Jr?
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Giovanni Ribisi

How did Joey and Chandler's apartment get robbed?
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The robber tricked Joey into getting into the big cupboard he had built, then locked him in.

What dessert did Rachel try to make that ended up being half Shepherd's Pie?
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I think she was trying to make a torte.

What fruit is Ross allergic to?
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Kiwi (I had to look that one up!)

To what city did Phoebe's scientist ex-boyfriend (David) move to do research?
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Minsk (not sure on that spelling)

Here's a toughie...
How much did Rachel's parents spend on her wedding with Barry?
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OK, I had to cheat again on that one - $40,000.

How did Monica and Rachel get their apartment back from Joey & Chandler?
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They had to kiss each other.

What were the babies craving when Pheobe was preggers?
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What was the name of Rachael's best friend who married Barry (he also cheated on Rachael with her)??
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Meat---Joey gave it up so that she could eat it

When Ross first moved into Ugle Naked Guy's apt., why did the other tenents hate him?
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Next person has to answer both!!
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Okay, deal!
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They hated Ross becasue he wouldn't pitch in for the handyman's retirement party.


What type of movies did Pheobe's sister act in under Pheobe's name?
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Originally posted by chele
I want to say with Carol, I know he met her in college....I can't remember exactly when/how/where it happened?
Since this was the question I asked, I feel I have to bring the exact answer of when Ross had first sex (and yes, it was with Carol).
It was on October 20th! Chandler and Joye were gonna take Ross to a hockey game, and Ross realized it was October the 20th, the day when he and Carol first consemated (sp?) their physical relationship...

Now the answers I have to answer:

The other tenents hated Ross because he didn´t want to pay in the goodbye gift to the super that was retiring.

Mindy (Jennifer Gray)was the Rachel´s friend who (didn´t actually, did she?) marry Barry, but they were engaged to be married, and then Rachel and Mindy broke up with Barry together.

OK, my question:

What was the promise that Monica gave to Ben when he was born?
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She acted in porn movies.

My same question from above again
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Mindy did marry Barry because Rachael wore the ugly dress and she was in the wedding....

Monica promised Ben that he would always be her favorite?!?!?!?

How many sisters does Joey have and what are their names?
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I know 7. Gina, Dina, Mary Angela, Mary Terese, Cookie and Tina....I don't know the last one.

How did Monica get her apartment?
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It used to be her grandmother's apartment. She let Monica illegally sublette it - I think.

What part did Courtney Cox originally audition for?
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How many times has Ross been married?
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3, Carol, Emily, and Rachel

What did Tag get Rachel for her 30th birthday?
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Why was Joey scared of Phoebe's painting?
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It was scary...he thought it would jump out and get him!!

What was the name of the chair of Chandler's and Joey's recliners that died?
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What was the name of the TV?
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Steve (I think the chair's name was actually Rosita, wasn't it?)

What is the name on the address label on Chandler's tv guide?
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Yeah! Rosita!

Mrs. Chanandeler Bong (sp?)

What was the special layer in Ross's Thanksgiving sandwich called?
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I want to say the moisture layer but it doesn't sound right. If it isn't that I don't know. You'll have to fill us in.

What kind of fish did Chandler's crazy roommate have in the fish tank?
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It was a goldfish cracker!

What did Ross dress up as to teach Ben about Chanukah?
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He dressed up as an Armadillo for Hanakkuah!
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oops forgot my question:

What do you think is in store for the rest of this last season?
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I think they almost have to end it with Ross & Rachel getting together. Monica and Chandler will adopt a baby. I'm not sure what I think is in store for Phoebe and Joey. Although there is supposed to be a spinoff show for Joey coming.

Who did Rachel dress up as for Ross (in the bedroom...)?
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