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Friends, Trivia Game

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Is anyone else sad that this is the last season of Friends? I have the first 5 seasons on DVD and have been taping episodes since the 3rd season. I'm obsessed. Anyone who wants to do this, ask a question about Friends, anyone can answer or correct answers and then ask another one!!

What is the "Joey Special" at the pizza place?
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Two Pizzas - I think

What was the name of Ross' Pet?
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Yeah, someone's playing!!

Marcelle the monkey!

When Rachel and Ross first broke up, they fought over a T-shirt that she wanted to keep, but Ross wanted back. What did the T-shirt say?
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It was a 'Frankie Say Relax' t-shirt.

Which 2 actress played Rachel's sisters?
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Reese Witherspoon and Chistina Applegate
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Do you have the next question, Marge?
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I have one for you! What was Phoebe's bf's name, the one that was the scientist?
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I have the first 4 Seasons on DVD, getting the 5th for Christmas. I don't buy them because I love getting them for gifts! I have the trivia game also. Did you watch last night's episode when Charlie and Benji got back together! Ross and Rachael should get back together! They are so meant to be!!!!
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Oh damn, I can't remeber his name, the scientist. I know he was played by Hank Azaria!

I think they will have Ross and Rachel get together in the end, all signs point to it and the fans want it.
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Phoebe's scientist boyfriend's name is David!

What was Rachel's ex-fiance Barry's occupation?
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He was an orthodontist. Actually it looked like he was a regular dentist, in the ep. where Rachel gives back the ring, but he said himself, also in that ep. that he was an orthodontist.

I also love Friends. I have not seen half of season 8 and upwards though . I used to tape the eps, and have all of them, untill half season 8. Then I lost access to the tv station where it is, and since I want to have all the series on dvd, and I have absalutely no money, I have never allowed myself to rent them - since the rent money would affect the amount of the buy money I could buy dvd for
I also have season one and half season 3 on bought video, but since we got a dvd player, I want to upgrate to dvd, and so far I have seasons 6,7 and half 8 on dvd.

Ok, time for the question...

What was the name of the underware supermodel that was locked in the ATM vestibule with Chandler during the blackout?
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Jill Goodacre - This is a really fun game! I love Friends!

Which high school did Monica, Rachel, and Ross graduate from?
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Lincoln High, I believe.

What is the name of Joey's Bedtime Penguin Pal? Emma wanted him too!!
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Hugsy, I think.

Which children's book did Joey use for a dramatic reading at Emma's first birthday party?
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Wow, and I just saw it!! I think it's "Love you forever, Like you for always?" That was a funny one!!

When Phoebe was giving birth, what TV show did her Dr. insist upon watching during delivery?
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Happy DAYS!
(he was in love with Fazy!(sp?))

Ok,...who plays Ross and Monica's parents...what are their names and real names?
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Jack & Judy, played by Elliot Gould and Christina Pickles. (I had to look up the acress who plays Judy....)

What are the names of Phoebe's brother's triplets?
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Frank Jr. Jr., Chandler and Julie

Who purposed to whom: Mike or Phoebe, in the very end?
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Phoebe proposed to Mike at the Knicks game.

When Phoebe met her biological mom (played by Teri Garr), she was a realtor. She was on the phone describing a house she had available - what room was that house missing?
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Did nobody know that one, or has nobody been looking?

The house didn't have a bathroom.

Here's a new question...

With which former girlfriend of Chandler's did Rachel have to share a room while waiting to give birth to Emma?
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I wanted to say bathroom, but wasn't real sure....

Janice! She's always around!

Okay, What did the gang use to make the poker they used to check to see if "ugly naked guy" was still alive?
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Chopsticks, wasn't it?

Who got bitten by a peacock at the zoo?
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Which musician did Phoebe attempt to meet by pretending to be Ben's mom?
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Who attempted to win Monica back, right around the time Chandler was trying to propose to her?
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When did Ross first have sex, and with whom?
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I want to say with Carol, I know he met her in college....I can't remember exactly when/how/where it happened?

When the gang went to the beach house, Monica got stung by a jellyfish......who ultimately had to urinate on her sting to help her out?
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Chandler, Joey couldn't do it so Chandler had to.

What did Monica make for Chandler for Thanksgiving dinner
when she first met him.
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Macaroni & Cheese

What punishment did Joey give Chandler for kissing Cathy behind his back?
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He had to go in the box lol I liked that episode

What does Chandler do for a living?
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he does something with marketing, I think...I just know it is boring!

What is Carol's lover's name?
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