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Adopted at Last!

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This is Tracy, a pretty Tuxedo gal who was brought to the SPCA back on 6/10. She'd gotten caught in a steel jaw leg trap! One of her front paws had been broken, and for a while they were afraid they would need to amputate, but she healed just fine and can walk and run on that paw without problems!

She has been at the shelter for FIVE MONTHS! We put up fliers all over the place trying to find her a home all summer long. After all she'd endured, the shelter manager knew he would keep her forever if need be, unless she was adopted.

We went in today to update Petfinder, and the news was all over: "Tracy was ADOPTED!" She went to her new furrever home yesterday. I wish her all the best and lots of love and happiness there!!!!
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aaawwww what a beautiful girl . I am so happy she found a hopefully furrever home
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OMG I love her face!
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ohhhh I just look at your pet finder and sah the 2 seniors , poor baby's . How in the world do older cats and declawed get in a shelter ? I just don't get it and is so sad .
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Tybalt and I are IN LOVE with the senior dilute calico! She is such a sweetheart! I took her out of the cage to hold her...she's got bones like a bird, so fragile! Her coat is matted and needs a good brushing, but she wrapped her paws around my neck, purred, and gave me headbonks. She has gorgeous gold-green eyes.

We are going to talk to the shelter manager about taking her in, since we already have several senior cats, including one (Tillie) who is declawed and missing teeth. This gorgeous lady needs a home with no kids, where she can sleep on a heated kitty bed (like Tillie does), take kitty arthritis meds (like Tillie does), and get loads of love (like all our cats do!)

She came in as a stray. I wonder how anyone would let a 4 paw declawed, toothless cat outside!?
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Sue , I really don't understand people any more ... really .

I did see that cat and I need to say she is a beauty and I think that would be great if you could get her . She will thank you for her rest of her life . I keep my fingers crossed for you
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Awwwww she's so pretty...im glad she found a new home
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I'm so happy for Tracy!!

I think the dilute calico is gorgeous! I'm in love with the little calico that has an entirely black half of the face- wow!!
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Yes, that Calico is so cute! She's a real laid back, very sweet kitty.

Oh, if anyone remembers the black cat from the shelter that we were thinking about adopting a few weeks ago, she was adopted too! So was that gorgeous flame point Ragdoll. Adoptions are up, it's a wonderful thing.
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Kudos to you and Tybalt for working so hard on behalf of those kitties :rainbow:
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That is great that the black one got a home too , I did wonder what happen to the kittie .

Sue how is Tybalt doing ? I miss seeing him on here . I always like his responses to the thread's in here . Tell him HELLO and it is time to come back in here
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Hedi, check your PM's.
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I did Sue , thank you .

Still keeping my finger crossed for the baby . I sure hope you can get her .
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Woohoo! She was adopted.

Now I'm off to check out the pet finder listings you have..
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BTW Tracy's gorgeous!

But I'm in love with Tussy She makes my heart skip TWO beats!!!!! Awwww I hope she finds a home..
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