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Hi From a New Person

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So, hi. I've just gotten home with my newly spayed, 4  y/o kitty, "Sky." (I'm not sure if I'll keep the name yet)


She came back from the vet's with the diagnosis of cat gingivitis and eye infections, which was news to me, which caused a directer of another shelter to try and to have her put down while she was there today. 


I decided to join TheCatSite on behalf of her, we'll probably need alot of help soon enough between her being a saved feral and her new found medical problems. We'll need all the help we can get.


But for now, she's still passed out from the anesthesia and half covered with a blanket in her cage. 


By the way, all these photos have been taken at the shelter since that's the only place I've known her at before today. And yes, she does have a little, deer-like tail.

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There are lots of great people here who can help.

I was thinking you had an oddly decorated house, but I try not to pass judgment.
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Welcome! Sky looks so sweet! Not sure why they'd ask to have her put down - both eye infections and gingivitis (depending on how bad it is) can be pretty manageable! Hopefully this will prove to be the case for your little one as well.

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Nooo, my home is not decorated quite that strangely. . .unless the shelter counts as a second home? 



And Sky is really only sweet to me, really- if saying it was her first ever vet visit in her four years at the shelter says anything about how anti-social she is. And, it was only another rescues manager who had wanted to- I've been told that her solution to everything. Neither of her problems really worry me- its the treating them and putting the eyedrops in everyday and getting her in a crate without getting killed, or worse, her not forgiving me for it. 

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Hi @skycatproject  :wavey:  . What a pretty kitty!! And she was at the shelter for 4 years? The poor wee thing. l'm so happy you've given her a good and happy life.

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Welcome aboard! Sky looks so sweet and pretty.

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@Andrya yeah, its really odd to see her adjust to an actual home life since she's never had one before, having been born a feral and in the shelter system since she was about 8 months old- she just doesn't know what to do.

@MargeCat Thank you, she's definitely a very interesting cat to say the least
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