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Pls help my lil Marley is in labour !!!

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Hi I'm very new to this , I'm very worries about my cat she got pregnant at 9.5 months old she a small cat any way .. She went In to labour last night and starting delivering at 9pm the kitten wasn't alive both me and Marley were very upset !!! I thought she was finished then at 1230 am she have birth again to a living kitten , thought she had stopped but went in to have another still birth tonight at 7pm she seems to be sleeping now , she feeding well to the live one but seems really sad , could there be more ? How would I tell ? Advice pls I'm really struggling here in what to do !! It's so sad frown.gif thank u in advance x
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Would love some advice on my cat who is in labour if ur able ? smile.gif
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1. if more stillborn delivered, try to warm and massage them up, if they looks whole and fulltime.   Sometimes they do perk up...


continuing   @emmie82



They can have pauses, shorter or even days long.


As long as she is OK, no especial problems, happily nursing the alive kitten, you can wait and see.   Be observant but you dont need panic.


But if she is in visible distress, or has long unfruitful labor - contact the vet!


Labor with the first kitten may be even several hours, but the following shall be easier, so if labor for a following kitten is more than 30 minutes - contact your vet...    ( This is a link to a group of articles on cat pregnancy, birth and kittens.   Read the ones on normal cat birth and on " when to wait and when to worry"  )



And also the latest links: 


We have a good collection of articles in the Cat Health section which you can access by scrolling up to the brown bar, clicking on Articles,and then choosing the Cat Health section and scrolling through the choices.  To make this super easy for you, I am copying the links regarding birth, delivery and newborns for you here.  After reading this information, let us know if you have any more questions.  And good luck with your approaching new arrivals.


Birth, Delivery and Newborns

How to Tell if My Cat is Pregnant?

Cat Pregnancy

How Do I Know When My Cat Will Give Birth?

Pregnant Cat? What to Prepare For the Birth

Help! My Cat is Having Kittens!

Premature Kittens

Post-Birth Complications in Cats



Good luck!

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