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heart murmur...

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A friend of mine couldn't find a new home for her kittens. So she asked me to help if possible.
I have sent a kitty to the new owner (Lady A.). And everything was fine, till she wrote me about the heart murmur. The kitten had it. To say that I was upset means to say nothing.
All my kittens I sold myself, were healthy, and the vet checked the kitty before I sent it - everything was fine...

I promised to Lady A. that if something goes wrong, I'd send her a kitten of my breeding for free, she'd just pay for the delivery... What else could I do? The breeder doesn't want even to listen that a kitty of her breeding had that... But she neutered both parents of the kitty after I told her that a kitty does have a health problem.

I can't say what I'm feeling about... Had anyone a cat with the heart murmur? Can you share your experience with me?
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Since we are talking about a pure breed kitten, it is a good idea that the parents were altered, or at the least tested. However, depending on the severity of the murmur, it could go away. It's somewhat common for kittens to have a heart murmur and then dissapear.
It's a shame that this person doesn't want to look further into why the kitten may have a problem
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Well, I'm not a cat but have had a slight mumor most of my life (or maybe all, who knows) I can tell you it doesn't slow me down in the least. I would not worry too much.
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I'm not experienced with murmurs in kittens I'll have to bow to those that have had the experience.

But Sphinx has been recently diagnosed with a heart murmur a few months ago (I adopted him last year and he didn't have it at the time so its recent - BTW he'a about 17 or 18 years). He still plays on occassion and eats well enough. He's not on any meds at this time either. We are just having frequent check-ups with the vet and watching him carefully for any signs of him taking a turn for the worse. Then we and the vets will see what is the best thing to do for him.

Hopefully though the kitten can live for some time with the heart murmur and treatments - assuming that it doesn't go away as it gets into adulthood.
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The matter of fact is that I've checked all my cats and their kittens - none has this illness... I'm so glad!

About these alrealy alter cats - they also had been checked - and they are also FINE, the breeder sent me their rezults!

What had happened to that kitty?
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