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Three Colonies

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We have about two-three colonies of cats living in our yard: one lives under house ripping up insolation and breeding and then there is a one living under our trailer and they like to terrorize the cats under the house making quite a ruckus and then one last family that I consider a colony, it's a mom with some kittens under our enclosed porch. We don't have enough money to say and neuter all of them plus the shots but a lady said she knew someplace that would do this for free but that's not the main problem. My sister, a friend, and I caught one of the kittens I mentioned and she was hissing and spitting but we managed to get her very tame in a day after finding that a kitten had died outside. We had to return her to her mother because she was too young and she had grown quite attached to me in a day. Somebody leant us a live trap and we were going to use it to first catch the kittens and mothers, then the girl cats to avoid any more pregnancies, and finally, the boy cats but I live in a community where people have a strong hatred for cats and will shoot them without hesitation but jump at the chance for a pit-bull, making it hard to find the cats a family. I need help, advise and planning ideas to catch and tame as well as caring for theses cats.  

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Its like you are beginning to plan.   Spaying and neutering is number one prioritiy.  This will stop the breeding, this will lessen their being territorial. Peeing everywhere, thus making ruckus and nuisance to the neigbours...


Use the tip from this woman about the free clinic.  Be happy there IS such a free clinic.


It will also be useful if you do have some allies among other people. To talk with, to help talk with other people, etc...

Begin with this woman who is willing to give you tips...  You will surely find other cat friendly people too..  You dont need to "recruit" everyone at once.  Begin with those you manage to get on your side...   So with time, you will be a group of concerned citiziens...   :)


And yes, socializing the kittens is good, it is much easier to foster and adopt them out...

If you can foster adults who are fosterable - good, but let it be lower priority if you must choose and make priorities...


Its OK and even advisable to take the kittens for fostering at 5-6 weeks.  They are easy fosterable at this age.   Its one of the few exceptions from the usual advice of minimum 8+ weeks...



LOok also at the site of AlleyCats, they are working much with such problems...   @Tatomato



Please continue to report and ask!



Good luck!

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Stephan is correct - spaying and neutering is the priority.  Your plan is sensible, although I would tackle the adults and any kittens older than 4 months first.  Those are ready to breed and - more kittens!


The free clinic is a God-send.  They are not always available.


Through the clinic, you may be able to meet others in your area who are as concerned about the cats as you are.  Team up and get the job done.  Good luck!

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Yup, first get them all spayed/neutered (spay the females first if appointments are limited) and then after everyone is healed and settled down you can decide who's tame enough to be adopted out and start on that. But first priority is to stop the breeding, or you'll have so many more cats to find homes for! For those too wild to be adopted, it's best for them if they can stay at your house.
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