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Cat spraying and a devil kitten!

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Hi, I'm new! I have a male (Isis) who is 11, quite a droll cat who eats, sleeps and wonders. Got a female kitten 4 weeks ago (Meissa) and he seemed to accept her. Licked her a lot and tried to pick her up. But then she turned into the devil cat lol. She attacks him so he's pee'd off with her now and has started spraying all over the house (stinking!) and she attacks our hands, arms, feet, legs, hair, anything she can. Only when she's fully awake, she's sweet when she's tired haha. She bites and scratches badly and Kicks u with her back legs. She has to b locked in the kitchen at night which I hate otherwise she attacks everyone through the night and poops on my bathroom rug. Any advice very welcome!! Thank u smile.gif
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I'm thinking you didn't do a really slow introduction?  Introducing cats to cats can be a long and involved process, but it's well worth doing, and you could even just start over again and do it now:


How old is Meissa? If she's a little kitten, they do then to bite a lot.  It's good to redirect any aggression towards people though.. if she attacks hands or feet, bring out the dangly toy! :)

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Are you doing play sessions with her? What types of toys are available to her?

Was she raised with mom and litter mates?
How old was she when you got her?
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Thanks for the reply! Meissa is 10 weeks. Had kittens before but never as mad as her, toys don't cut it. Haha. Iv tried but she prefers flesh! Isis tolerates her but when she gets hyper he gets sick of her quick. I bought the feline plug in thing, hoping that helps them both. I will have a look at the link and c how that goes, thank u smile.gif
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She was 6 weeks when we got her, the last to go from her litter and was with mum until then. She has loads of toys which she does play with for a wee bit, dangley toys, balls, mice of diff sizes and material, things like that. We all play with her and iv 2 kids (14 and 8) who love playing with her and we try to wear her out before bed too.
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6 wks of age is very early to leave mom (I can't believe she was the *last!*)

The behavior you are seeing is very typical of kittens that didn't learn all their social kitten manners before leaving mom/siblings (or bottle babies raised as singeltons.)

So, what to do?

1.) The absolute BEST solution to the problem is to get another kitten that can help teach her what is acceptable play. Another kitten will also help with her energy and will help tire her. If you go this route *make sure* to get a kitten with the same energy level; BUT, has also been socialized properly.

2.) If another kitten is simply not an option, you can try hissing at her when she bites and putting her down on the floor. Yes, you will have to do this repetitively. Be consistent.

Get her some interactive toys if you do not have any.
- a "Bolt" (automatic laser pointer)
- Turbo Track
- HexBugs (I recently found these in a store specifically made for cats. They're a huge hit with my crew!)

A cat tree that she can climb with be a great investment too!

Kittens at her age play fight like crazy with litter mates and she is looking for a way of replicating this. Get her a stuffed toy that is a little bigger than she is that she can chew/bite on.

Keep a pacifier on you at all times (newborn size.) When she starts to bite, (gently) place it in her mouth for her to chew on.

Always redirect. If she is relentless at biting, giver her a brief (5 min) break in her own room with interactive toys.
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Yeah I thought it very young too but if I hadn't taken her then she would have gone to another home frown.gif she also had a scratch post with a ball that swings from it which she plays with a lot. I will try hissing and putting her down, she loves feet though, you can't walk when she's wakened without your feet and legs being attacked the whole way! Thanks to everyone for the help! smile.gif
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When she looks cute, this was her first week with us smile.gif
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She is so sweet looking,  she didn't get a chance to learn manners from her mom and littermates.  They will let a kitten know when they are hurting them when playing.  I would consider a second kitten, that's what I did, they can play with each other and in time she will learn her manners.  That will give your older cat a break.  

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