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Homemade toys?

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Hi Everyone


I was looking for some homemade toy ideas for kitty. So far, I have come up with a medicine bottle with a rock in it - she can't open it, and loves to bat it around. Any other ideas? Have you ever made a home made cat toy??

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Heh. My guys tend to come up with their own 'toys' ;)


Favorites around here include clean wine bottle corks...the can grab them and they bounce and the plastic caps off pop bottles (not a good one if you have a cat ho eats toys, though). Sybil loves playing with empty thread spools as well, since they roll. 

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Milk rings or mayo rings are Mooch's favorite toys.  When my mother worked for a daycare center she would save all of the milk rings for her cats and my own.  They are definitely the most favorite toy in my house!

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Isn't it funny how the best toys for cats are often the ones they find themselves?? It's like the case in point when we had Smokie and bought a $50 cat house, cube climbing thing- he played with the box it came in. LOL

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