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South Korean Ragdoll Breeders?

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Hello~! I hope this is in the right place. .. ^^'
I currently live in S.Korea and am looking for a reputable Ragdoll breeder. My friends have all recommended pet shops which are pretty common here, but for many reasons I would rather not. I found one breeder and kitten that I (and my Russian blue kitten ^^) liked but the price is near 1500$. I'm not very experienced with breeders and again having a hard time finding them here. Anyone here have any suggestions, any breeders they would recommend, etc?

Thanks in advance!
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If you want pure bred cat of decent quality, and are prepared to pay for this, import from abroad may be an alternative.  Pure breds are not seldom send abroad so any experienced breeder knows the routines.

Of course, most of them are bough for breeding reasons, perhaps to give "new blood" into the existing stock.

Importing them as pet is less common, but surely happens.

IF you are contend for pet import, you can perhaps find an adult cat, who needs new home?  A pure bred whose owner got sick and cant no longer take full care.  Or ex stud or ex queen, where the breeder wants to "get rid" of them, but if he is any good, he wants to be sure they come to a good home.  As long he is sure the home is good, money is no longer any issue.

The cost of buying is much lower here.  Of course, the cost of transportation do adds.


But similiar solution exists with your local S.K. breeders and cats.   Adults are much cheaper - and they DO bind to a new owner if he is kind and friendly with them.



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Good luck!

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Thanks ^^ The main reason I was looking at a kitten especially male is because I already have a 9 month old female (spayed). I'm new to cats so from what I read a younger, male cat would be a good option for us. Haha but again I'm a newbie so not sure ^^' I'm not looking to show or breed, but just a pet ^^
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