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Claw Catching

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i was just wondering if anyone knew why my 8 week old kitten keeps catching his claws on everything. it dosent matter what hes doing, sleeping in his big bed, walking over the furnature or playing, anything he can get caught on he dose! Dose he have a problem with his feet? Someone told me he may not have lert how to retract his claws yet but i haven't heard of that before! any ideas would be helpful.
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He is in the learning stages of using his claws. You can check and see if he has any split tips, if he will let you, or find a sturdy tree branch you can drag into the house and let him claw that, the hardness of the branch will blunt his nails and cause him to shed any split nails he might have. But he is just a young kitten who is discovering his world.
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I would also clip his claws. Just like with people, the nails come in different shapes and his might curve inward a little more than some. If you trim off the sharp tips he would probably not have as many problems.
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This happens to Alley also but she's only 10 weeks old
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If you do trim his claws be very careful and only cut off the bare tips, you don't want to cut into the quick, for then he will bleed and be susceptible to a bacterial infection. If he were mine, I wouldn't trim his claws unless you have done a young kitten before and know how to do it. If you do go ahead, have a septic pencil at the ready just in case.
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