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Recently got adopted by pregnant kitty!

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Hello there. I have a situation and need some help/advice. My new neighbors got a kitty a couple months ago, that was rescued from a very abusive situation. Her owners kept her in a cage, and the husband of the owner was very abusive to the kitty. My neighbors took her in, but haven't been able to do very much with her. She has gotten out of their house numerous times, hiding for days at a time. my neighbor and I would see her various times of the day, but she would take off when the neighbor tried to catch her, or if she caught the kitty, the cat went ballistic and tore her up and ran off. 


Being the patient cat loving person that i am, I would find the little girl kitty (Bella), and won her trust by sitting by wherever she was hiding and sweet talking her with treats, would get her to come out to me (first few times took me a half hour, with her coming near and running back,, growling the whole time, lol). I would catch her, calm her down, and take her back to my neighbors house, and all would be well until a couple days later she escapes again. The process will then start over. This has happened numerous times, and they gave her to another friend, that was supposed to take her home to her house, but the lady hasn't followed through on it.


Little Bella has come to trust me, and I no longer need to cajole her to come to me. A few weeks ago, I asked my neighbor how she was doing with Bella (I see Bella every day, outside. She even comes in right into my house now and eats my 2 other cats' food) My neighbor told me Bella is pregnant. The other lady is apparently not going to take Bella home, and i noticed that my neighbor now has a baby kitten that sits in their house by their back sliding door all the time. We live in an apartment complex right next to each other, so it's very obvious, please don't think i'm looking in windows lol. I tried to take Bella home about a week and a half ago, and my neighbor told me "Oh she's fine outside, just leave her." Bella hasn't been home in over a week and a half, they haven't asked about her (they usually ask me to catch her when she is missing because she won't go to them AT ALL) and I know she hasn't been home, because she has been in my apartment the whole time. She won't leave, lol. I'm upset because if she's outside, she will starve. They don't leave food out for her, and it seems like they have just abandoned her. The poor thing is probably around 7 months old, is a very small cat, and she is VERY pregnant! I don't know how far along she is, but i can see babies moving, she follows me every time I leave the room, the hair around her nipples is gone, and she only stands for about 3 minutes before she flops on her side, which is so big, she raises her leg to be comfy.


I have 2 rescue cats that I got a week before Christmas, and they were 8 weeks and 13 weeks old at the time. They are both fixed ( I made sure of that at 6 months old!), and they are very well behaved, but I am concerned about what cats might do to kittens? I have no idea about pregnant kitties, and I'm kinda mad at my neighbor for giving up on Bella. I would like to ask for any advice you all might have. I'm sorry this is so long, but i wanted everyone to know the whole background of Bella before asking questions. Here are some of my questions/concerns:


How far along is she?


Do I need to segregate her from my other kitties, when she has the babies, even if they are well mannered cats?


How long after the babies should i have her spayed?


I have read through your pregnancy forums, so I know some basics, but I'm kind of flying blind! My cats are still on kitten dry food until they are a year old, and I give them all a half a can of wet food every night, but do i need to give Bella Kitty milk replacement for added nutrients? My husband says we can keep her, and have her spayed after she has the babies. We will also take on the babies after she has them, until they are at least weened, and then possibly place them with good homes (don't worry, I am picky).


Any advice you can give would be great! Thank you so much.

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Originally Posted by Sae98520 View Post


How far along is she?


Do I need to segregate her from my other kitties, when she has the babies, even if they are well mannered cats?


How long after the babies should i have her spayed?



Thanks SO much for helping Bella!

I don't have much time now and I am sure others will be here soon to help, but short answers are this:


1. It's always hard to tell how far along a cat is online.  However, from what you describe, she is at least 6-7 weeks along (out of 9) but I'd guess she's closer to 8 or so weeks along and the birth will be SOON.


2.  Yes, please do.  This is for her comfort as well as for the kitten's safety.


3. It's best to talk this through with your vet, but at least 6-8 weeks after is usually recommended.  Please keep in mind she can immediately get pregnant again once she has the kittens, so it is very important she does not come into contact with any intact males during the time between birth and her being spayed.


Good luck! Thank you for helping her!

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Thank you for your fast response! I will post a pic of Bella later today, so you all can have a visual and maybe you can see if she's close. I honestly don't know if she could get any bigger, there just isn't anymore room on her small frame, poor thing!


As for segregating her, I have a walk in closet in my bedroom that i am going to completely clean out (except for my clothes hanging in there), and I will make her a "kitty cave" as my hubby calls it, and try to find a baby gate to keep the other cats out. it was my hubby's idea. I'll put food and water in there with her, and a litter box in my bedroom, and when i come downstairs i'll just close the bedroom door. My other 2 cats aren't up there unless i'm up there, but they'll have to learn to stay out.


My cats for some reason go to bed when I do, and come downstairs when i do. I must have co-dependent kitties. They follow me everywhere lol. My youngest guy, Peedie (short for Pedroia, hubby's favorite Red Sox player), was so attached that I had to turn my bedside table into a bed for him so I could sleep. otherwise he preferred to have his mouth on my neck and would wake me up licking my face off and on all night. Now he comes and cuddles like that for about 15 minutes every night and he is trained to go to his table and go to sleep. I'm glad, because he is a Maine Coon and is HUGE. I had no idea what he was when I adopted him. He was tiny as a baby. I'll post a pic of him later too, as well as a pic of Noelle.

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So Bella was just laying on my chest being lovey and then made a low growling noise? Was still being lovey tho, so it made me kinda curious. i checked her rear and she has discharge that looks like her mucus plug. How long after she starts losing that is birth?

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Really restless, and her tail is swishing back and forth. kinda rolling on the floor and can't get comfy.

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She has surely some contractions.   If it is precontractions - quite common, or beginning of labor proper, we cant know as yet.  But ist surely nearing!


Please continue to report!   @Sae98520



Good luck!

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No Babies yet!


Got her nest all set up in my closet last night. She seemed to like it, but when i would walk away she kept following me lol. I laid on my side on the floor in there, and she laid next to me as close as she could, trying to get underneath me. she kept laying on her tummy with her butt up, and pulls herself forward across the floor, almost like she's rubbing her tummy. She made the low "growling" noise 5 times while we were there, although i would say its more like a low humming sound. It wasn't evenly spaced so I think it might have been prelabor contractions. At first i thought maybe she was getting upset that I was there when she did that, but thats when she was the most lovey, and trying to get as close to me as she could. She is still losing some of her plug, and the poor thing is so big she has a hard time cleaning herself. It takes her a few tries, because she is so round she rolls before she reaches her rear end lol. 


It's times likes these that I am really glad I am a stay at home student. I will be able to watch over her all day until she has them. My husband is also here, due to his seizure disorder, and he grew up on a big farm, helping horses and cattle give birth, so thats a big help too.


I will keep you guys updated :)

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