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Interesting poll on Political Landscape of US

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PEW Research Center - 2004 Political Landscape

I heard about this poll on the Rush show on the radio (I listen to all of 10 minutes on the way to and back from lunch) and I thought I would check it out for myself. This poll is probably more accurate than most because they went off of 80,000 interviews over the past 3 years.

Very interesting results.

Party Affiliation is pretty much an even split between Democrats, Republicans and Independents. Previously, Democrats held a wide margin over the Republicans. The difference previously is that registered Republicans were more likely to actually vote.

The parity between the two main parties is growing wider and both parties have become more intense in their beliefs.

Republicans are much more satisfied with their personal finances, while Democrats are not. Personal religious committment was somewhat striking, Republicans stayed about the same, while this declined quite a bit in Democrats.

It also said that Republicans are more willing to give up certain liberties for security. Democrats have a decidedly less pro-business attitude. Democrats feel even more strongly now that the Government should do more to help the poor, even if it means going further into debt.

There are a lot of other issues that this survey covered. I was curious how you see this survey, if you think it reflects the attitudes you see in your party.
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As a Canadian, I feel sorry for the American People. The reason for this is that the American People do not appear to laugh a their politicians. I don't mean that the politicians are laughable, but in Canada, we have no problem at accepting and dramatizing their little foibles.

I have yet to see an American television program that will take the mickey out of thier politicians the way they do in Canada.

If you get the opportunity, take some time to watch 2 Canadian TV programs. These are:
"This Hour has 22 Minutes" and
"The Royal Canadian Air Farce"

Great writing and it points out that the politicians are really people like you and me.

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