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AP; Did I miss your CONGRAD(T)ULATION thread?

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I just noticed that you are sitting on 1013 posts and I don't remember seeing a thread to herald you into SUPER CAT status. Did I miss it? I think not. I think you are trying to slide by and I say :pinky:

:jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :pinky:
to you anyway!!!!! I know Mr.Cat will want to get in on this because he always finds your posts so Royal and so airy :bat :bat

I must begin work on your Super Cat Costume immediately! Maybe you could PM me with your ideas, favorite colors, etc. . . .:blubturq: .
Did you want that with or without a thong? What about cape length? Daytime or evening wear; or perhaps the "trendy" swing-length for those days when you don't have time to change before a "Nite Out on the Town"
(of course a whip and stilletto heels will be optional) I lost my license to work in leather over that ostrich hide debacle of '96!!! Of course, I will include some sort of "Holster Tingy" for your cell phone; it just won't be leather. We had best continue this discussion in a PM before MeowMan and KittyFoot come on with their preferences

Keep up the good work, Girlfriend! Here's to 1000 more!
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Congrats AP! Some other "adult" can buy the beer this time cuz I'm flat broke from getting ready to move! Can't wait to see this costume 3LK is making!

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"Congrad(t)ulations!" 3LK really did say it all.

If PMs counted as posts, she'd be at 2000.

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I noticed yesterday (or was it the day before) that you were getting pretty darned close. Good going, Super Cat!
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thanks guys

I offer myself a hearty 'congrads!!'

how do I become a millenium cat?!!?!?! I want to be one to!
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AP: Since I know you are here this morning; got a quick question: Did you want a TAIL on your costume? I know you are not one to turn down "a little tail" when offered.
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I would love some tail! how kind of you to offer.

and lots & lots of sequins

oh and some rhinestones as well

and I'm partial to pink
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O I C !!! Basically, "Gaudy" and "Tasteless" Can Do. . . . . One Super Cat Costume circa "Tammy Faye Baker" coming right up!
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Deb got that Milleniun cat title as her prize in the literature forum contest. When you get to 1200 posts, you can choose your own title too!
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