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Half wild?

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So I got my male cat from a shelter and I don't know what breed he is. The shelter didn't even know. He has a spotted belly that looks like a Bengal. Bright green eyes!! But the pads on his paws are black, his lips are black, the inside of his mouth is black, and he has really long black hair coming off the tip of his ears. I think he is mixed with something wild maybe. He is the size of my full grown snowshoe cat and he is only 5 months old.
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A couple of good pics are welcome!   Does he behave "wild"?


Spots on the tummy arent unusual with mackerel tabbies, especielly if it is broken mackerel tabby...


But we wait on the picks before we say anything more.



Good luck!

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His voice is very deep and raspy. And his meow is different than all the cats I've been around.

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the colors of a tiger!   The stripes real  "tiger striped"    :)      In some languages, like swedish, mackerel tabby is called for tiger striped.  But they seldom get so tiger-alike as here.   :)

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