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Black bugs that AREN'T fleas!!

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My 5 month old kitten has long black bugs on her that we find occasionally, usually pull them off of her face. I haven't gotten a great look at them because they are fast and usually squirm away before we can get them, but I think they're as long as a grain of rice, thin, black and they burrow away. She has been treated with Revolution for the past 2 months, once just a week ago. She doesn't have any flea dust anywhere on her body and she doesn't really itch anything. Has anyone else experienced this?? Revolution treats for fleas, ticks, mites, and heart worms and is supposedly the best stuff for kittens. Please help!!!
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At this point honestly I would consider taking her to the vet and getting a fecal sample done too. How often do you find these bugs?

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It's been in phases. None when we first got her then about 2 in one week which is when we got the revolution. About 3 weeks after the first application we had to do a 2nd because we found one black bug and a couple fleas. Since then we've sen about 3. The same one has been on her for about a day we haven't been able to pull it off.
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Please get her to the vet immediately to get this removed.  This sounds disturbing and not healthy at all.

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