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Juno has runny eyes

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Juno is an 8yr. old semi feral cat. She has a pink/reddish discharge from both her eyes. I am the only person she allows to touch her. When someone comes to the door she runs and hides.I know she needs to go to the vet, but catching her is impossible for me as I can't crawl around under beds, etc. In the past my daughter and grandson had to tear the house up to trap her. Its very traumatic for Juno but I know we need to do it. She weighs about 18lbs. she is a cat who is toally inactive. She currently is on Fancy Feast and Purina healthy weight. She does'nt overeats just under moves. My other two cats are of normal weight. Any suggestions as to what the discharge is? I know the vet will give her meds for eyes, but again its going to be impossible to catch her to administer them to her. Advice please

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Can you get her into the bathroom and close the door?  That would create fewer places to hide and make trapping her easier.  What about a visiting vet?  Do you have one in your area?  You could call your vet's office for a recommendation.  You're correct, she does need to see the vet as soon as possible.  Eye problems can be very serious.  Also, you could try some calming drops such as Rescue Remedy.

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I've tried the bathroom route before. Thr problem is there isn't room for me to get out and keep her in. The BR has about 3sq.feet of floor. Old house.

as far as a visiting vet, good idea. I'll check.

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I've had some success with putting the carrier in a corner, and taking off the top. If you leave the wired entrance attached to the bottom, that blocks off one escape route. Two sides are blocked by walls, and you block the open side. The cat is then "burritoed" and put in the carrier. A second person can stand on the gated side and hold the cat down. A cardboard box would work this way as well, cutting down the side you need to work from.

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the discharge could look pink or red because of regular dirt.  piglet's eye discharge often looks reddish brown but it's just like regular fur dirt and life dirt.  piglet's discharge is pretty harmless - just from herpes.  however, eye discharge can be from any number of things and is often indicative of a more serious problem.  hopefully if you catch juno and get her to the vet, they can give her a long acting antibiotic shot that won't require daily dosing - ask about it.  otherwise it might be an eye drop, which sounds like it will be pretty hard for you guys to handle :(

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