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HELP!!! My Cat Keeps Pooping On The Floor!

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My cat keeps pooping on the floor at night and I can't figure out why. Her litter box is down stairs and she keeps pooping upstairs right by the front door. We have tried using Dr. Elsie's Cat Attract Clay Litter and it hasn't helped. We have even tried keeping her in the laundry room with her litter box, food, and water over night for a week, and as soon as we let her out, she just keeps on pooping in the same place, right by the front door. I don't know what to do! Can you help me?! Thanks! It's greatly appreciated!!! thanks.gif 

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The first thing that should happen is that she should be checked out by a vet if she hasn't already just to rule out a medical issue :nod: How old is she? How long has this been going on?


The most obvious solution given what you've said seems to be to add a litterbox upstairs, preferably close to where she is pooping, and see if this helps anything. Would this be an option for you?

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She is 10 years old and we've had her for her entire life. It started several years ago, it was kind of off and on at first, originally as peeing, but then switched to pooping, but now it's a constant problem. When she started peeing on the floor, we had her checked out and there was no problem to be found, but now she has switched to pooping, every single night.

We don't really have an appropriate place to put a box upstairs, anywhere we put it would be extremely out in the open, especially if we were to put it near the problematic location, as it is right by the door.

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Honestly, if there is any way you can wrap your mind around putting a box there for now, this might be the best way to try to 'solve' the problem, especially as it has unfortunately been ongoing for years.  If she poops there every single night anyway, it will only make it more sanitary and easier to clean up to have a box there.  She is pooping there anyway. If that works and she goes in the box, you can begin SLOWLY moving the box to where you want it.  Is there ANYWHERE on the upper floor that you can imagine a box working? I know it is inconvenient, but many cats do best with at least one box on each floor, especially as they get older.


Does she only have one box? is it possible she might want two boxes, even if on the same floor- one to pee and one to poop?  If you really can't bring yorself to put a box on the top floor maybe try adding another one to the basement and see if it helps.


Are you cleaning after each time she poops with an enzyme cleaner?

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I really can't think of anywhere upstairs that a box would work, I'm not trying to be stubborn but, there really isn't anywhere that it wouldn't be in the way. I could probably add another box downstairs for her to use, how far away do they need to be from each other?

No, we aren't currently cleaning with an enzyme cleaner, we tried it at first and it didn't do anything and we couldn't afford to spend money on it if it wasn't going to make a difference...

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Unfortunately, you may have to accept that the box will be in the way if you really want the problem to be solved. I'm  not meaning to beat you over the head either, or to be harsh, as what you choose to do is your decision, but it's not always convenient to own a cat and solutions unfortunately cannot always be ideal.  I live in a small one bedroom and need to have one of my cats boxes in my kitchen. It's actually really not so bad.


As regards the basement how far the boxes need to be apart depends on the cat.  Often they can be right next to one another if space is an issue and that is fine.


I do recommend that you go back to using an enzyme cleaner.  Maybe the one you were using wasn't working but some are more effective than others, and I really do think it is probably making the problem worse that you're not using one.


Finally, as a precaution, I really would still recommend taking her to the vet if you can.


Hopefully others will be along soon to offer more advice and support.


I really wish you luck in sorting this out.  I do know how frustrating it can be, :vibes: 

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I'll try and convince my mom to put a litter box in the kitchen, but she's not a huge fan of that idea...

I will re-try using an enzyme cleaner and see if that helps. Do you have any suggestions on a brand?

We can schedule her for an appointment and see if maybe we can figure out what's wrong there. Maybe it's a somewhat new development within the last couple of years.

Thanks again for all your help, I greatly appreciate it!!! rock.gif

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