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Urine burn in 4 week old kitten??

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Hello all, 


I have been bottle feeding 3 orphaned kittens for about 2 weeks now. They were 1-2 weeks old when I got them and still had their eyes closed... anyways, I have been to the vet 3 times in the past 2 weeks trying to make sure they are healthy. I finally have them in a good place where they are all active, gaining weight, and defecating normally. My problem is the biggest male. He seems to always have red irritated skin on his genitals, lower stomach, and inside of his back legs. The vet told me to put some prep H on him, which I have been doing, but it doesn't seem to help. It is really hard for me to keep them as clean as a mother cat would (obviously). They are at that stage where they are starting to potty on their own, and they will go while they are sleeping and get it all over themselves. How can I keep them clean? I have bathed them twice in warm water with dawn and then dry them with a clean towel and blow dry them immediately. It all seems to be in vain because they are dirty again the next day... Is this urine burn in my boy kitten? My vet did not seem too concerned about it, I kinda get the feeling they want me to stop calling about every little thing that I think may be wrong with the kittens. The kitten still acts normal, eats, purrs, goes potty... he is just really red/pink and tender around his bottom... 

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What is "prep H"?    I presume most experienced americans knows, but Im a foreigner.


There is a trick for stimulating and washing simultaneously, which will perhaps solve this particular problem - IF it is urine burns.   (I dont remember hearing this a real problem, so its not sure it IS urine burns).


OK, you held the kitten in one hand in running warm water, its behind part.   And tap with the other hands forefinger on the genitalia / the behind.

Works nicely.

You do it of course somewhere where there is no draught, and dry off the kitten afterwards.


With this trick you dont have any problems with sores or similiar problems, which is easy happen with intense stimulating.



Good luck!

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