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Cat shows

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Since I live in west central MN, there aren't any cat shows that ever come my direction. I would have to travel hundreds of miles to see one. Has anybody ever heard of anything like this being televised? Can one purchase a video of a cat show on VHS/DVD? Let me know! I would love to see how a cat show works! Would be a blast to see all the different breeds of cats!

Cindy W.
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Cindy, I have the same problem here too. I live in Ohio and I have Pixie Bobs that I would like to show, but the shows always seem so far away. They do appear in Ohio once in a while, but they seem to be far a few between. Other states seem to have them all the time. I don't know of any videos. I am not sure if there are any out there, since cat shows are not like a dog show, where the dogs are walked around on the floor and judged. If anyone else knows of any videos, I would like to know too.
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The CFA has a show in Columbus on Dec 6th-7th and Feb 7th-8th, and in Dayton on Feb 21st. TICA will in Toledo Sept 10-12th.

And the CFA will be in St. Paul in January (24th-25th), and in Minneapolis February 28-29th. ACFA will hold a show April 24-25th in Farmington, and May 17-18 in Maple Grove.

I just periodically check the major cat organizations websites.

Hope that helps!
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They televise Dog shows, I just
watched the ones that were on a
couple weeks ago on Animal Planet.

Do they televise Cat Shows??
That would be neat to watch.
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Stardust, I have never seen a cat show on TV, not yet anyway. Just the dog shows.
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Wow, I was going to ask about the cat shows schedules too. Thanks Cindy W!
Thank you fireshoes for the sites!
I never seen a cat show and I was planning to see one on my next US trip. I hope there is one in the Bay Area,CA around June next year.
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