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Good soft food for old cat.

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My 15 year old Laura has worn her teeth down to nubs and can no longer completely chew her dry food and eats it pretty much whole. This causes her no end of stomach problems which along with hardballs makes messes to clean up from time to time. Does anyone recommend a good soft cat food, preferably for older cats. Thanks.
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Science Diet or similar vet-approved canned and dry foods are the safest. Check with your vet. but I am sure than other people in this forum will know what is "super-market" available. In Israel, the best option is to get a vet's recommendations and then to buy the food from him or from a special pet-food dealer. The supermarkets often only carry the all-purpose foods, and some of them are rather highly spiced. Until very recently, it was even impossible to get kitten or grow-foods.
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I can buy Iams at Albertson's. They have several specialty varieties and usually if it's not the shelf they have it in back. Plus the manager might order a case or two for you of something they don't normally stock, though you might need to buy the whole case. The manager at your local grocer can be very helpful.
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When our now-deceased cat Clouds stopped eating, the vet gave us some Science Diet canned food especially for elderly cats. I think it was Science Diet A/D. It was pretty mushy, like baby food. Try the Hill's Website at and look under Pet Owner, then Prescription Diet
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You don't need to go the VET for good premium quality canned food. Go to Petsmart/Petco they carry premium Cat food such as Nutro, Royal Canine, etc. Also you might want to help her along with possibly wetting her dry down to make it easier to chew - they do it for kittens - why not for the seniors. How about the semi moist foods that are on the market - that might be something to consider. Hope this helps
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