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Puppy Mill

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I don't think the courts were harse enough! Taken from cp24.com

Cruel Justice

The conditions were so deplorable, you wouldn’t have expected any creature to survive. And many dogs didn’t at Rose and Ralph Misener’s puppy mill. When officers from the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals showed up at the couple’s Vaughan residence in August 2001, they found many young dogs living in squalor, suffering infections, badly nourished and near death.

Now a judge has meted out the maximum justice allowed under the law to the couple, prohibiting them from owning an animal for five years. Rose Misener received a nine-month conditional sentence and three years probation, while her husband Ralph is free on $1,000 bail – and could get six months in jail when his final punishment is revealed on December 12th.

“The judge clearly indicated in his judgment that, if possible, he would have wanted to impose a lifetime ban on these people from owning animals,†relates Crown Attorney Jason Gorda. “I think that speaks volumes.†The O.S.P.C.A. is relieved that no animals will cross the pair’s paths for at least half a decade, with inspector Mindy Hall promising, “we will continue to monitor the Miseners.â€

Some of the dogs that were discovered had to be put down. Most have since found loving homes.

The troubled duo will be back in court November 12th, to answer 22 more charges that stem from a separate incident at their Vaughan property last April.

November 5, 2003
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I'm sure this judge was very frustrated, but he is under obligation to follow the sentencing guidlines. Something like this really shows how much these laws need to be changed. Ady, do you happen to know how many dogs were actually rescued?
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at least the did something to them. and I am sure that with the other charges still pending they will get well punished. I sure would have hated to be the judge on that one. Wanting to do more but can't
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From what I understand about 100 dogs were rescued.
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Wow, that's just horrible!

I don't know the laws in Canada, but I think I should start researching them for Stray Pet Advocacy. Ady - are the cruelty laws specific to each province or is it nationwide?

Anyway, Lorie is right. This is one of the cases that makes it blatently obvious that changes in the laws are needed. In some states (US), it specifically states that each animal affected carries a separate charge - so in this case instead of one charge of animal cruelty there could have been 100. And harsher crimes for the animals that had to be put down. Even with pretty pitiful sentencing (which many states still have, regardless of whether it can be a "felony" or not), 6 months imprisonment x 100 charges is a LONG time!
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